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1946 tsunami hawaii laupahoehoe

She stands with other family members during a ceremony for a newly-installed plaque details the history and purpose of the monument.STEPHANIE SALMONS/Tribune-Herald Billy Choy Hee and Carrie Luke-Knotts look at a plaque just installed at a monument at Laupahoehoe Point for the victims of the 1946 tsunami. On April 1, 1946 the Big Island of Hawaiʻi was struck by the so-called "April Fools Day tsunami", originating from the Aleutian Islands earthquake. [Hilario] Aquino said that when the waves hit the church, he was tossed out amidst the children.

One person drowned in Santa Cruz. A bridge crossing the Wailuku River was picked up by the waves and pushed more than 300 feet away.The houses on the main street facing Hilo Bay were washed across the street and smashed against the buildings on the other side. “This monument, commemorating the victims of the April 1, 1946, tsunami, was erected by the efforts of the Rev. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. A local one moves toward the nearest coastline, and another travels into the deep ocean. On April 1, 1946, an undersea earthquake off the Alaskan coast triggers a massive tsunami that kills 159 people in Hawaii. Surges up to 14 feet swamped Half Moon Bay, California. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offerThe tsunami of April 1, 1946 broke over Pier No. With its funnel-shaped bay facing the eastern edge of the Pacific Rim, Hilo is one of the most tsunami-prone locations on earth and is often referred to as the “Tsunami capital of the United States.” The town was struck not only in 1946, but again in 1960, with waves reaching 35 feet high, and recently in 2010.The tsunami was unusually powerful for the size of the earthquake, and many scientists are still baffled by the discrepancy between the tsunami's size and the relatively low surface wave magnitude. Downtown Hilo after the 1946 tsunami, illustrating damage to the makai (ocean) side of Kamehameha Avenue. An Army crash boat that was at the wharf washed up about 400 feet, went over the railroad tracks, and ended up against these molasses tanks.

However, men who served on the board said they “saw the county building the platform and said it was the county that built the monument, and the process of placing a plaque died there.”Last year, wanting to keep her promise, Mohideen wrote to Mayor Harry Kim and received a letter of approval to move forward with the plaque.Prior to the ceremony, Mohideen said it feels wonderful to have the new plaque in place.It’s important to document the history now “because nobody will know” years from now,she said.“Whoever will come here to pray will not know why this is made or who made it … .”Lucille Chung was born and raised in Laupahoehoe and said after the ceremony that her grandfather was the custodian of the school, but was not at the school when the tidal wave hit.“This thing happened on a Monday, he retired on Friday,” she said.During the program, she thanked Mohideen for her work and said the plaque “tells the story to people coming to Laupahoehoe Point what was here. The county then offered to build a platform for the memorial.Mohideen said that more than three decades ago, after a conversation with and promise to a mainland visitor to place a plaque explaining the monument’s history, she began efforts to do so, seeking the help of a local legislator.Work was “progressing nicely, but without any documentation of the donations, Papaaloa Hongwanji board members were asked to confirm that Rev. Laupāhoehoe is located on the northeast side of the island of Hawaii, at There were 214 households, out of which 28.0% had children under the age of 18 living with them. Based on what scientists understand about the energy and characteristics of the earthquake, it should not have been able to generate either such a large local surge or such a devastating Pacific-wide tsunami. 1 in Hilo Harbor, Hawaii. And at Laupahoehoe, a schoolhouse was hit with tsunami waves. One wave as high as a 13-story building hit locally. Railroads were ripped from their roadbeds, coastal highways were buried, and beaches were essentially washed away. Kakusho Izumu, who lead the effort to create a monument to those who died in Laupahoehoe during the 1946 Tsunami.

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