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2009 tsunami japan

Plaats als eerste een reactie, vraag of opmerking bij dit artikel. The 2009 Samoa earthquake and tsunami took place on 29 September 2009 in the southern Pacific Ocean adjacent to the Kermadec-Tonga subduction zone. Wel is het zo dat in een gebied waar een zware aardbeving is geweest, de kans op vulkanische activiteit binnen een jaar toeneemt. But by early Tuesday morning, residents and tourists were struck a devastating blow when a massive earthquake hit 120 miles off the coast of the islands, triggering a tsunami that killed hundreds. De aardbeving, de krachtigste ooit in Japan, werd gevolgd door een tsunami die op sommige plaatsen tot tien meter hoog was en hele dorpen overspoelde en vernielde. However, the events of September 29 involved a magnitude 8.1 earthquake on a normal fault within the outer rise; and the other magnitude 8.0 earthquake occurred on the subduction zone as a thrust event.The earthquake was felt in American Samoa for up to 3 minutes, giving emergency responders, local government officials, and the public time to respond to natural warning signs because they understood the threat.Thanks to education and outreach efforts held over the summer and fall of 2009, many organizations and individuals knew the signs of an impending tsunami and had developed tsunami evacuation plans.Similar to American Samoa, knowledge of the threat and recognition of a tsunami’s natural warning signs saved many lives in Samoa. These include Coconuts Beach ResortThe eastern part of the island remains without power or water supplies after the earthquake.Power outages were reported, and phone lines were jammed.The Prime Minister made his first address to the nation, after the tsunami, on 1 October.On 2 October 2009, an estimated 3000 people were homeless and seeking refuge in shelters set up around the worst-affected villages.The Samoa government and the people of Samoa held a national funeral at Apia Park for tsunami victims on 8 October 2009 (Samoa local time).Other reports outlined coastal damage from a 13-foot (4.0 m) wave on the islands.The government appealed for clothing and bedding donations for residents in Niuatoputapu.Relief efforts undertaken by the Tongan government and Red Cross focused on Niuatoputapu, with support from Australia, New Zealand and France. Er is een relatie tussen aardbevingen en vulkaanuitbarstingen, maar die is niet 1 op 1. On an idyllic Monday night in 2009, the palm-lined coasts of the American Samoa, Samoa, and Tonga Islands looked peaceful and serene.

The tsunami was a wake-up call there. De beving hield drie minuten minuten aan en werd in de uren daarna nog gevolgd door meer dan 100 naschokken waaronder een beving van 7.1 op de schaal van Richter. de kerncentrales is de ramp niet nog verder geëscaleerd.

A beach village was reported to have been "wiped out", killing at least 14 people after the earthquake had sent residents fleeing for higher ground.Confirmed death tolls rose to 22 people, with many people still missing in the villages of The water system was also damaged in the earthquake, and the supply of Twenty villages on Upolu south side were reportedly destroyed, including A number of tourist resorts are located on Upolu's south coast. In this region, the Pacific plate subducts westward beneath the Australia plate at the Tonga Trench. In Japan is inmiddels een vulkaan uitgebarsten. Tsunami The 2009 Shizuoka earthquake occurred with a magnitude of 6.4 that hit Shizuoka Prefecture in the south of Honshū, Japan, on August 11 at 05:07 local time (August 10, 20:07 UTC). Er kan een vloedgolf on…Wat is een aardbeving nou eigenlijk en hoe word het veroorzaakt? Since the 2009 tsunami, Samoa has taken many preparedness measures: Established a 24/7 National Earthquake and Tsunami Warning Center and built an Emergency Operations Center to support disasters Upgraded its warning dissemination systems to include island-wide sirens and SMS to essential village and national representatives, churches, schools, NGOs, and the private sectorCreated community-driven evacuation maps and signage.

A United Nations coordinator was scheduled to travel to Tonga to support early recovery initiatives in areas such as 'health, sanitation, water, infrastructure, psychological support, agriculture and fishing'.In the Marquesas Islands, some bays were nearly emptied of their water before a wave crashed back in and refilled the area.Outside of the Marquesas, the threat of a tsunami largely passed without much incidence. According to the May 21 U.S. Drought Monitor, moderate to extreme drought covers 2.7% of the United States. According to the October 15 U.S. Drought Monitor, moderate to extreme drought covers 18.5% of the United States including Puerto Rico.

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