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33 crore hindu gods names list pdf

(Chapter I, hymn 9, verse 2)They are: 8-Vasu, 11-Rudra, and 12-Aaditya, 1-Indra and 1-Prajaapati.8. I’m … 33 CRORE GODS? Vasus are: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Moon, Sun, and Star.

Therefore they are called Vasus.”“The ten organs in the human body, with the mind as the eleventh.

All rights reserved Prajaapati , also called the “Yajna” because it benefits mankind by the purification of air, water, rain and vegetables and because it aids the development of various arts, and in it the honor is accorded to the learned and the wise.The master of these 33 Devatas is the Mahadeva or Ishwar who alone is to be worshipped as per 14th Kanda of Shatpath Brahman.To start with, the Rig Veda mentions 3 Gods –  Agni, on earth; Vayu in the air and Surya in the sky. Many people believe that Hindus worship 33 Crore Devtas but that is nothing but a myth - in Sanskrit the word koti refers to both crore as well as type and the use of the first meaning has led to the spread of this false belief. Classical artistic depictions of certain deities are also covered separately in some cases. ( 8+ 11 + 12 + 2 = 33). The Buddhas were not 'seven crore', but only 'Seven Supreme Buddhas': six predecessors and the historic Buddha. Many hindus don’t even have knowledge about our own dharma. The derived term 'Deus' or 'Dios' from the same root, is still used to refer to God in modern European languages and even in the New Testament of Bible. This is an alphabetically ordered list of Hindu deities. The names of these 12 Adityas are Tvashta (त्वष्ट), Pusha (पूषा), Vivasvan (विवस्वान), Mitra (मित्र), Dhata (धाता), Vishnu (विष्णू), Bhaga (भग), Varuna (वरुण), Savitru (सवितृ), Shakra (शक्र), Ansha (अंश) and Aryama (अर्यमा). How could I not exist? 33 Koti (Crore) Devi Devata ke Naam - he Vedas refer to not 33 crore Devatas but 33 types (Koti in Sanskrit) of Devatas. The other two gods are Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. © 2020 Times Internet Limited.

108 names of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma There are … These Gods are seperated in the following pattern : 12 + 11 + 8 + 2. Sad.The Vedas refer to not 33 crore Devatas but 33 types (Koti in Sanskrit) of Devatas. However, they did not give up trying, and shared their visions as hymns dedicated to the  various sentient beings guarding the natural and supernatural phenomena around them.

Not 33 crores. According to Hinduism and Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma is one of the three major gods of Hindus.. Early man, tell me if you can, When did you come to Earth, Opened your eyes, And took your first steps, What era was that,  Unk... Krishna , the all-attractive-one is arguably the most popular God of the sub-continent! 33 divinities are mentioned in the Yajur-veda, Atharva-veda, Satapatha-brahmana, and in several other Vedic and later texts. { also mentioned in Mahabharat 1/65/15-16})1. Religion and Spirituality News in Hindi: सभी की जिज्ञासा रहती है कि क्या वाकई में हिंदू धर्म में 33 करोड़ देवी-देवता हैं जिनकी देश के सभी हिंदू अपने-अपने मतानुसार पूजा करते हैं 12 is the number of Adityas, 11 are the number of Rudras, 8 is the number of Vasus and out of the two left, one is Prajapati, the Master of Gods, and other is a Supereme Ruler who is very powerful. 33 Devatas names are given in scriptures but 33 crore names are only a symbolism. Various scripture refer to 33 koti devi / devatas and 'koti' means crores (ten million=one crore).

However, further in the Rig-Veda itself this number is increased to thirty-three, of which 11 are said to be on earth, 11 in  heaven, and 11 in mid-air.Not just here, Translation also hampered Buddhist texts where Chinese Translated ‘Sapta Koti Buddha’ as 7 Crore Buddha whereas in its original form it meant 7 Supreme Buddhas, and not 7 Crore Buddhas. 330 million Gods?

+ 2 Heaven and Earth

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