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7 habits of effective people goodreads

Covey shows how to build the healthy relationships that are key to an effective life. I felt it could have been condensed to a quarter of its size easily.The book was also written in the 80s and I could easily tell (personally, I feel it's in need of a 21st Century update). Independent people can get what they want through their own effort. This is essential for effectiveness.To “sharpen the saw” means to express and exercise all four of these motivations regularly and consistently. Independence is a major achievement in and of itself. “Without involvement, there is no commitment.”

Remind me of principles in life, giving practical guides on how to change ourselves, how important human interaction is. This is where creativity is maximized.

Spend time. What kind of friend? Put first things first. puts forward a principle-centered approach to both personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

Read GTD instead!Inspirational, developmental, and practical -- what a combination! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. When you value the correct principles, you see reality as it truly is. The question was on effectiveness and you have stated it as a solution. In an attempt to understand why, he read several self-improvement, self-help, and popular psychology books written over the past 200 years. It should focus on the following:What you want to do (contributions and achievements)The values upon which both of these things are basedIn time, your mission statement will become your personal constitution. Be patient. Published It’s not in having things, but in having mastery, having victory over self.”

He asks you to think how you would like your loved ones to remember you, what you would like them to acknowledge as your achievements, and to consider what a difference you made in their lives.


Putting first things first… This is about prioritization and actualization. If you didn’t like me, it could be devastating. “Ineffective people live day after day with unused potential.” The negative energy generated by that focus, combined with neglect in areas they could do something about, causes their Circle of Influence to shrink.” Symptoms surface whenever stress and pressure mount: people become cynical, critical, or silent or they start yelling and overreacting.

It took me months to finish the book, as I kept practicing and re-read the habits from time to time.

In 2004, Covey released "The 8th Habit". If you feel confused working out your life issues and having problem get them organized you can resort to this book for figuring out what is best to do.

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