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ADEOS 2 satellite

It is also capable of editing the temperature, voltage, and status of the interior of each instrument and transmitting the information to the ground station using telemetry signals. Overall objectives are to provide and improve Earth observation services with advanced payload instruments. MDP) selects the type of mission data to be transmitted, adds necessary data to mission data, edits the information into packet- or multi-format, and then transmits the information to the direct transmission system (DT) and the IOCS; it is also capable of transmitting the information to the MDR (Mission Data Recorder) Objective: to acquire accurate, high-resolution, global measurements of sea-surface wind vectors in 1 to 2 day repeat cycles. GLI employs piecewise linear method with cascade amplification for signal processing on four bands in order to meet requirements for automatic observation of objects with large radiance differences (ocean color and land vegetation) exhibiting a wide dynamic range. 13.4 GHz (Ku-band); 110 W pulse at 189 Hz pulse repetition frequency (PRF) The latter also transmits control signals necessary for attitude control and orbit control to the RCS. The band 1 and 2 spectrometers employ a Czerny-Turner type spectrograph design with a plane grating in 30 gr./mm for band 1; the detector material for both bands is PbTiO C&DH (Communication and Data-Handling Subsystem) The VNIR detector material is Si, the SWIR is InGaAs, the MWIR/TIR material is CMT. The science objectives of ADEOS-II are to acquire data contributing for international global change research (carbon cycle and the water and energy cycle), as well as for applications in such fields as meteorology and fishery. GLI is a 36-channel VIS/IR radiometer/imaging spectrometer (opto-mechanical instrument) featuring a cross-track mirror and an off-axis parabolic mirror as the collecting optics and focal planes in which the detectors are arrayed in the along-track direction with spectral interference (dichroic) filters. The ADEOS-II payload comprises six instruments: NASDA's AMSR (Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer) and GLI Global Imager), NASA/JPL's SeaWinds scatterometer, the Japanese Environment Ministry's ILAS-II (Improved Limb Atmospheric Spectrometer-II), POLDER-2 (Polarization and Directionality of the Earth's Reflectance) of CNES, and the Argos-Next data collection instrument developed jointly by NASDA and CNES. When the pulses hit the surface of the ocean it causes a scattering affect referred to as backscatter.

AOCS (Attitude and Orbit Control Subsystem)) 12 minutes per occultation (limb observations) The POLDER instrument is an imaging system, a radiometer/polarimeter, featuring a 2-D CCD detector array, wide field of view telecentric optics and a rotating wheel carrying spectral and polarized filters. The ODR is a high-speed, large-volume data recorder using an optical magnetic disk system, introduced in ADEOS-II for the first time. It has a large power-generating capacity of at least 5 kW (EOL), is highly storable, has been light-weighted. Measurement of wind speeds between 3-20 m/s to an accuracy of 2 m/s, wind vector directions to an accuracy of 20º. Multispectral observations from the near UV to the near IR reflected solar radiation from the Earth's surface including land, ocean and clouds. The ADEOS-II S/C, built by Mitsubishi Corporation, employs the general design of ADEOS to reduce costs. The ADEOS-II mission operation system is a central-core system for the mission operation of ADEOS-II, and is provided by JAXA for the EOC (Earth Observation Center). PDL converts solar energy into electric energy and transfers it to the satellite's power system. environmental changes.Please make a donation to support Gunter's Space Page. - SeaWinds data products consist of global multiazimuth normalized radar cross section measurements and 50-km-resolution ocean vector wind maps. • Earth Observation Information System (Data Comprehensive Management and Provision System): Earth Observation Center Two SWIR focal planes have detector arrays for 4 and 2 bands, while the MWIR/TIR regions have one focal plane with a detector array for 7 bands. • SAS consists of a 1 m diameter parabolic reflector antenna mounted to a spin activator assembly, which causes the reflector to rotate at 18 rpm. Overall objectives are to provide and improve Earth observation services with advanced payload instruments. Dezember 2002 vom Tanegashima Space Center aus auf eine 800 km hohe sonnensynchrone Umlaufbahn brachte. 4 Mbit/s (for 1 km resolution), 16 Mbit/s (250 m resolution) POLDER's very wide field of view is also a unique asset for building up time series of measurements from space, making it possible to obtain daily global coverage. 1 m diameter rotating dish that produces two spot beams, sweeping in a circular pattern Two VNIR focal planes have detector arrays for 13 and 10 bands respectively.

The water color and water temperature data are used to study the ocean conditions, distribution of water temperature, and basic productivity of the ocean. Conical scanning at 40 rpm is employed to observe the Earth's surface with a constant incidence angle of approximately 55º (a scan drive motor rotates the antenna, rotating mass is nearly 200 kg, momentum and torque compensation is achieved with momentum wheels).

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