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All We Need Is Us

US election: The biggest myth about the 'black vote' US election 2020: Why is the Latino vote so important? In the coming months we'll find out who has won over enough voters - in the midst of a pandemic - to clinch the presidency in November. Health concerns over the current public-health crisis have increased pressure on states to expand the availability of mail-in voting, especially in the 17 states that require voters to provide a valid reason why they are unable to vote in-person. What can US Democrats learn from Labour’s UK election defeat? It could yet be a virtual event.The Republican National Convention happens later, between 24 August and 27 August. A simple majority of 270 out of the 538 votes available wins the White House. Earl Nightingale

Before that, a nominee was selected by party members at conventions. If we exclude 1a (small sample), they suggest 'person of verb by nearest preceding subject pronoun' – except 3. There's also mail-in absentee voting, for voters who are unable to go to a polling place due to illness, disability, travel plans or attending an out-of-state school. If no single candidate receives the majority of electoral votes, then the House of Representatives will select the president from the top three candidates. Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump have been forced to move their campaigns indoors Hello Stephen, I'm an English learner from Japan.

Just as the Democratic contest was winding down, and former Vice-President Joe Biden was strengthening his grip on his party's nomination, the US election was derailed by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The Senate will choose the vice-president from the remaining two candidates.It's a rare situation, but it's happened once before: John Quincy Adams won the White House this way in 1824.There will be a brief transition period following the election, allowing a new president to select cabinet members and make plans.In January, the new president (or returning incumbent) is sworn in at an event called the inauguration. The first of three presidential debates will take place in Indiana on 29 September, with two more in October.The vice-presidential debate will take place 7 October in Utah.The popular vote - the sheer number of votes received by each candidate - will have nothing to do with determining the winner of the 3 November general election.That comes down to the "electoral college" vote. In April, Mr Sanders announced his exit from the race, making Mr Biden the last candidate standing and effectively crowning the former vice-president the Democratic nominee. For those voting on Election Day, they have to go in-person to an official polling place. | The Internet's Largest Learn English Community - goes blockchain Q1 2019 | This makes some states very important to candidates, as more populous states have a bigger number of electoral votes.It is possible to win the popular vote, but lose the electoral vote, as happened to Democrats Al Gore in 2000 and Hillary Clinton in 2016.It's the term for the officials, "electors", who vote on behalf of the states for president.Each state is worth a number of electors proportionate to its representation in Congress: the sum of its senators (every state has two) and representatives in the House (determined by populous).The six biggest states are California (55), Texas (38), New York (29), Florida (29), Illinois (20) and Pennsylvania (20).This system gives greater weight to smaller states and means a presidential candidate must get a spread of votes from across the nation.Republican bastions such as Idaho, Alaska, and many southern states are considered "red states" while Democrat-dominated states such as California, Illinois and much of the New England region of the northeast coast are called "blue states".Swing states are states that can change hands depending on the candidate.As campaigns often choose not to send candidates or invest resources to states they consider unwinnable, the presidential contest mostly takes place in these few swing states, like Ohio and Florida.

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