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Amongst one another

As a native speaker, it is especially annoying when two words are deemed absolutely synonymous by some bright-spark, when they just aren’t. between vs. among This seems in line with the difference between “a god among men” and “a god amongst men” (as well as the other examples given above). I’m convinced of a subtle difference between “among” and “amongst” depending upon context, and that this is one of those choices that is immune from rules – thankfully. “One Another” Is a Reciprocal Pronoun. “amongst” feels less like a preposition. In all the publications I’ve worked for, ‘among’ has been in the style guide because it’s shorter and therefore takes up less space.For my part, I think it’s useful to have a choice for the sake of prose rhythm.Whilst the old-fashioned way/modern way makes much more sense to me nowadays, reading various people’s writings gave me the thinking that “-st” belonged to British English (“old-fashioned”), whereas omitting was American English (and other variants of English, I suppose) because the omission of the “-st” was more common in American English (“modern”).Although this tip has made me rethink how I’ll be writing fiction and news articles! Among has gained popularity over amongst in last few decades may be due to its shorter version, brevity or space constraints with print media in U.S. offered/given was an extra bit that should have been deleted!advice is a noun. I was brought to this page for the same reason as Sarah.

Coming late to this thread has given me the advantage of several examples to ponder, which has lead me to this opinion.Analysing my usage I find I use amongst for ‘in the midst of’ and among for a more general connection.It’s amusing: I only made it about half-way through these comments before “among” and “amongst” BOTH stopped looking like words.“Amongst” is not grammatical.
good enough for me.I attended a very old fashioned grammar school where I was taught that ‘Among’ is belonging and ‘Amongst’ is not. patents-wipo .

While word choice is important, this would not take away from a student’s paper, especially if the word they chose matched their writing style.Interesting topic. Although we’ve covered the difference between Among/Amongst in another post on Daily Writing Tips (spoiler alert: there isn’t one), you might still be wondering which word would work best in a particular context. It’s the archaic usage (wherefore art thou Romeo actually meant “Why are you Romeo?”, etc) that keeps the real meaning hidden. .” I even see it in up-to-the-minute blogs and hear it on newscasts. From Prarthana Behere to Sai Tamhankar, these actors took part in it. The reason it seems old fashioned is that democracy (I am among the people) is the modern vogue; being a God amongst men was the job description of the king. it is a thing (suggestion, wisdom, etc.) The trending Black and white challenge gains popularity amongst Marathi celebrities too.

As I have loved you, so also you must love one another. I guess the source of my annoyance is personal–it simply grates on my ear.A good analogy here would be to look at the difference between the prefixes inter- and intra-. Jennifer – glad the tip helped! It’s as if the writer fancies herself to be William Shakespeare. -er and -st are the regular suffixes used. Wow Jim, looks like someone got out of the wrong side of the bed, stumbled over the point of the discussion and leapt to a knee-jerk conclusion. If the common usage is equivalent, then go ahead and equate them. According to some grammarians, if we’re talking about more than just two people, we should use a different reciprocal pronoun: one another.

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