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Aphids on apple tree

Have the ants developed some sort of DE resistance technology? If you’re really in a hurry you can buy a tub of a thousand live ladybirds online for less than $10.

It takes a little bit of time for the product to dissolve in the water and then about 15 minutes per tree to get it to soak in without run off.

Aphids Well, I couldn't zoom in enough to see the ants actually sucking sugar out of the aphids.

HELP.Tina, I share your pain and my aphid-infested elm trees are what landed me searching Google yet again and here on this post.

DE on the ground!

Am I cutting my tree down if it’s totally infested, or do they go away and come back next year, or…what do I do?if I destroy the tree will the aphids stay on the property and go to all the other trees and shrubs?2tbs Neem oil t tbs dr Broner’s sal suds in 1gal pump sprayer spray all trees and plants then hose off after you should remove leaves that have hone dew sap or curl I have even removed all leaves off my trees if they are being eaten and water with more bloom I gal water 2 tbs more bloom liquid fert the leaves came back in a few days and I spray all my plants with neem as it also feeds the plants I use a back pack sprayer and water all my shrubs and trees-Last year I finally found out what was drawing all the bees to our big tree out front, and our mailbox.

For days I could just see lots of drips coming out of the tree. Email: they are little pest like any of them ,ley eat all the leaves on my pink rose i sprayed and then cut them back and have them hanging on my chair.or well seewhat happenes.My crepe myrtles were attacked.

It was a lot of work to clear the area around these trees – 15 of them and all located on a bit of a hill. Look for feeding aphids, and also check underneath the leaves for egg clusters. I probably smashed about a mosquito.

AHA! I have 3 trees infested with aphids and it seems like it happens every year only on these particular trees although there are many other and different trees around them.

Peach Trees . Too much DE!!!! I also smashed all the ants that dared to walk on my hands and arms. What was different? over the leaves.

so I wrote this. But these

Article on how to control ants and aphids on fruit trees, covering both what to do when trees are under attack and how to avoid the problem occurring. But that could also be because I like to smash them. population. Flowering Cherry Trees

Japanese Maple Trees Wish me luck too look at Guy’s comment above. (Being the master of 80 acres means that there could be some hiking involved between two points.

They leave this horrible black droppings, all over my driveway and have killed my Crepe Myrtle and other folige. Yeah, yeah, you think I'm a few fries short of a happy meal and this just seals the deal. I came back the next day to view the results of my handiwork. So I wander out to the old battleground. As I'm sure you know, I purchased one of those bottles with spray nozzle for hose.

BWA HA HA HA HA HA." It worked before. Almost no plant is safe from them; The leaves of an aphid-infested plant will start to turn yellow and curl inwards, and new shoots are often deformed.

If you see them around your plants leave them alone – they’re very efficient at pest control. I think she wasn't paying attention. Reader "Aase in Norway" connected me with Charles Chien who actually did take a picture of an ant enjoying sugary aphid butt! Maybe a I used 9-10 ounces per tree as they are all about 20 inches in diameter and about 20 feet tall. Not to mention our car! stick their needle in and extract the sugar as it is on it's way down to the root. We They are also responsible for the spread of perennial canker. I wrote this article before learning the word "permaculture".

Yeah, yeah, you think I'm a few fries short of a … This time, Bio-Remote Dane provided an adolescent red star chicken.

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