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The inaugural episode of the Alpha Male 2.0 Podcast. Big Announcement! He is free from the agenda of a girlfriend, wife, boss, or society.That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a special woman in his life. I have also called these men “Needy Alphas”. This is the “classic” Alpha Male, and what most people think of when they hear the term. They make up about 25% of the modern male population.Alpha 1.0s are tough, masculine, confident, dominant, capable, successful men. He’s outcome independent. Having other people listen to them and acknowledge them is of extreme importance to these strong men.That leaves us with the final type of man, the Alpha Male 2.0, which comprises the remaining 5% of men. Podcasts, Books, Courses, Coaching, and Other Information

When anyone doesn’t act in accordance with their specific parameters (which, of course, is all the time) they’re angry, and feel threatened and disrespected. 3:22. He doesn’t argue or lecture; that would damage his happiness. I am about to present empirical scientific data confirming that Alpha Male 2.0 concepts and techniques can and probably will be the most important things you will do in your entire life. Podcasts, Books, Courses, Coaching, and Other Information It’s a 400+ page book and it’s yours right The first type, the most common type by far, is the beta male. The next type of man is the Alpha Male 1.0. The same goes for his family members, friends, children, and co-workers.When everyone does exactly what they’re told, Alpha 1.0s are great men who live great lives. Time management works. Betas can go from completely hopeless pussies to decently cool guys but who still have lots of regular drama and unfulfilled dreams.The next type of man is the Alpha Male 1.0. It’s something many of you have been asking about for many years. Betas are typical “nice guys”. Business consultant, relationship expert, personal effectiveness coach and prominent author, Caleb Jones invites men to join his new powerful training course and experience radical change, transform their mindset, awaken the Alpha Male 2.0 in themselves and build the life of their dreams: prosperous, happy, free. Economics travel and living the good life alpha male 2.0 styleBusiness Success, Location-Independent Income, Investing, International, And Other Awesome Guy Stuff, Alpha Male 2.0 StyleClick the button below to receive two 30 Minute audio trainings, How To Start Your Own Alpha 2.0 Business and How To Have A Successful Second Date, plus the first 3 chapters of The Unchained Man!Maximum Freedom Alpha Male 2.0 Course is NOW AVAILABLEHow To Set Up Health Insurance As An Alpha Male 2.0How To Monetize A Blog Online Seminar Starts In 3 HoursLet’s talk about what industries to focus on in your Alpha 2.0 business.If you would like to create your own blog that generates a good income for you without having to spend a lot of money to do it, you’re in luck because I am doing a live online seminar just for you.I’m doing my first AMA (Ask Me Anything) over video.I’ll describe my experiences with Bitcoin and other cryptos (which have been very good) as well as my opinions and strategies.There are just 24 hours left to get the free bonuses for the Alpha 2.0 Business book Big Income On Little Work.The new Alpha 2.0 business book Big Income From Little Work is now available.I have used my time management knowledge to build multiple companies, help raise my two kids, have an active dating life, and travel the world, all without working too many hours per week (at least for most of my adult life). About 70% of men in the modern era are betas. The Blackdragon Blog covers women, dating, and relationships. There are two blogs that cover the Alpha Male 2.0 Lifestyle. Caleb Jones 452 views. Podcasts, Books, Courses, Coaching, and Other Information I'm going to share with you how you can live the good life also.
Unlike betas, Alpha 1.0s rule others rather than being ruled themselves. - Duration: 3:22. My name is Caleb Jones and I've been a full-time Entrepreneur for 20+ years.
Podcasts, Books, Courses, Coaching, and Other Information They often get pissed off and love to “set people straight”. If an Alpha 1.0’s girlfriend or wife doesn’t play ball, he loses it. I live an unusually good life. He starts yelling, screaming, commanding, and setting rules. My New Affiliate Program For You! It is a live, in-person coaching program, conducted by me personally (Caleb Jones), working with a small group of men who are ready to take their Alpha Male 2.0 lives to the next level. He never needs to worry about a boss, because he doesn’t have one. You can live the greatest, freest lifestyle available to the modern day man, that of the Alpha Male 2.0.

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