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Beastars Legosi and Haru

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Beastars (ビースターズ, Bīsutāzu?) "I'll be fine. Though feared and misjudged by others for being a tall carnivore, he is actually quite mild-mannered, docile and awkward. User account menu • Legosi and haru.

For years, his self-awareness as a large carnivore and knowledge of his familial nature made him feel isolated from others and made him choose to keep to himself. Juno is seen to be jealous of Haru when she finds out that Legoshi was in love with her instead. Legoshi becomes a much more sociable ambient who generally enjoys being around other people but also likes his own company at times as well.

Fan Art . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Legoshi, despite being awkward and unable to read the atmosphere often, has demonstrated a great level of maturity compared to his peers when talking to others and is very patient. My question is: with everything that he has discovered about hibrid animals, he would keep looking foward to make a family with haru or he would break up with her for his son sake? Legoshi (レゴシ, Regoshi), also referred to as Legosi, is a male gray wolf and the main protagonist of Beastars. Log in sign up. She strongly disliked Haru at first, but she eventually started to warm up to Haru when her feelings for Legoshi has dissipated. Haru and Legosi are the perfect opposites and that is something that drives them closer and closer together. The relationship broke off later in the series, when Haru started to develop feelings for Legoshi and Juno developed feelings for Louis. Haru tried to have sex with Legoshi, but he is too nervous and shocked so he ran away. He is quite gifted physically, with a lean build and a jaw strength of 295 kg, which is 95 kg higher than the average for his species. Tags. The following article contains information that may be of great importance Legoshi has an imposing appearance, with a height of 185 cm, 6 cm claws on his fingers, 30 cm feet, and a weight of 71 kg. Juno asks that Haru continues to make him happy, but Haru is not sure she can do that. Legoshi and Haru have an awkward relationship at the beginning.

PROTIP: Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery, 'g' to view the gallery, or 'r' to view a random image. Haru shares a healthy relationship with her father. Haru tried to have sex with Legoshi, but he is too nervous and shocked so he ran away.

Legoshi, despite knowing that Louis is in a complicated relationship with Haru, had gradually accepted this truth, but his desire to pursue her has not been destroyed. Here you can see a list of the events, which caused a change of appearance of Legoshi: Legoshi is very conscious of his own presence and often does what he can to downplay himself. He learned about the rumors that Haru was a slut, but Legoshi did not care and saw Haru in a different light from the others. Most of his body is covered by a bluish-gray fur coat while his face, neck, and chest fur have a cream color. Louis and Haru met in the gardening club while he was hiding from everyone since his antlers shed early. I'll survive." He hid in there for ten days, where he eventually slept with Haru and the two had a sort of friends with benefits relationship.
You have seen it all around you. Beastars is a statement to real life. Consequently, this made him underestimate his own value, crippling his self-esteem. He often tries to understand the struggles of other animals, even his enemies such as As the series progresses, Legoshi begins to slowly accept himself as a carnivorous gray wolf and develops more confidence in himself as he better understands the world around him. Pin Tweet Shop the Meme. It is later revealed that Legoshi has some slightly atypical characteristics due to his ancestry. This led to him becoming a socially awkward individual. In spite of this, he mostly resembles a common pure-blooded gray wolf, though certain features that he inherited from his As the series progresses, Legoshi's appearance changes slightly; some changes are temporary while others are permanent. A world where carnivores and herbivores co-exist. Recently those two have been moving toward a conclusion that Legosi will be able to marry Haru one day, and Legosi may want to have kids. Beastars - Legosi and Haru Wedding by Yunoka Like us on Facebook!
Legoshi is considerably an egalitarian and an empathetic individual. Although he is rather naive and air headed, he is also quite stubborn and impulsive in regard to his own convictions, even in the face of confrontation. Haru shares a healthy relationship with her mother.

Here are the different established relationships of Haru with the other characters, during the course of the publication of manga and anime. Legoshi is a soft-spoken, humble, and polite gray wolf with a kind heart and gentle personality, which contrasts his frightening appearance. In the very first episode Haru tries to have sex with Legosi because she thinks that is what he wanted the entire time. This can be seen in his postures and mannerisms as he often slouches when standing or sitting.

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