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Chris Cillizza political affiliation

However, even little old ladies, as portrayed by the Washington Post, cut into DeLay-Davis for his support for Tom Delay, Bush, the Iraq War, and right-wing causes. For my money I think Cardin will lose and either Mfume or Rasmussen emerge.Posted by: Jack Woodward | July 7, 2006 3:38 PM | In all due respect to think Rales is the X factor in the Senate Race and not consider former state Senator and Baltimore County Executive as a factor at all is unbelievably stupid.

Rubenstein said 1,316 of 2,650 signatures he submitted were verified as valid. Quit playing the Cheney/Bush/Rove divide and conquer game. The media needs to investigate this.

I WOULD LIKE FOR SOMEONE TO STAND UP TO THE REPUBLICANS ANS ASK THEM ABOUT SOMETHING ASK THE HOUSE SPEAKER DENNIS HASTERT WAY OUR TROOPS HAVE TO PAY FOR THEY EQUIPMENT WE HAVE SEND 400 BILLION WHY DID SOMEONE GO TO WASHINGTON ABOUT THIS. Was it a rush to get the war in before the inspection teams proved "W"'s accusations wrong? It didn't take me long to realize this was another Repub dirty trick. The big question in Vermont is whether the Dems can use the juice of the Sanders/Welch juggenaut to displace the incumbent GOP governor.

He has known for his regular contributor for the Washington Post is Christopher Michael "Chris" Cillizza. Sounds like a plan for another Republican Congress. His freelance work has appeared in a variety of publications including the Atlantic Monthly, Washingtonian and Slate. )))Gail "for Rail" Parker, the Indy Green candidate for U.S. Senate - is near qualifying for the ballot.the state board of elections confirmed 9,543 valid signatures on May 12...Gail for Rail continues to collect in Va. Beach, Roanoake, Richmond, and Chesapeake..There's no reason to capitalize a title just because it happens to immedeately precede a name that it's not part of. Maybe it's time to do a more intelligent way of doing, something beyond beyond the goatropping, authoritative bullying we seem to bestow onto others. Reynolds won 56-44 last time, the lowest percentage of any NYS Rep, and his opponent Jack Davis is very well financed. The very fact of this brouhaha about a questionable nickname reveals clearly who are the humorless intolerants in this debate. Did Iraq hold a Missile of Damacles over the head of the US? CincinnatiPosted by: | April 4, 2006 3:39 PM | Chris, the Vermont House race summary needs updating. Where is that Dem intensity? Candidates in the 7th Congressional District had to gather 1,000 signatures of voters registered in their party and who live in the district to get in the Aug. 8 primary. Is the Washington Post now going to run a retraction about the ABC poll being off ? Did you forget the first one? It's fast & easy; I've used it myself.Posted by: Jo-Ann White | July 13, 2006 3:14 PM | how bout going after guilian's many affairs while your at it ala hillary?Why is NO media entity or journalist covering the KEN LAY FUNERAL?The real X factor in the U.S. Senate race will be former state Senator and Balto County executive Dennis Rasmussen.
I hope someone actually does investigate the "McCain in a cone of silence" distortion.
I feel it is time you do a Ronald Reagan style "Mea Culpa" and below the fold is why:Mr Bush, the men in power around you from your Father's Presidency I feel have had an agenda that differs from you, and due to their "trusted counsel" you have chosen to go along with their ideas. The Rooney family has supported Democratic politicians in the past, including Gore/LiebermanAny chance you have a breakdown of the Dems who voted for Thomas in '91?

I've been a registered yellow-dog, Capital-D Democrat for 35 years, yet the cover survey on this letter identified me as a Republican, even giving me a registration number and citing the voting district. It has killed off all the small business people, and the Socialist Democrats don't even support Small Business policies , check out how the Democrats vote for small business at this website by NFIB , , and the only ones left are Minority , subsidied , Socialist , kinda props, and Big business is even peaking out on how the profits stack up year in and out , anymore , and the fact that all the wealth of the retail markets is consolidated to the point that all the Big Corps are doing is Hoarding the Cash , as it shows on their public Frickin accounting records , and is why if the United States Government doesn't started writing Policies that support more Small Business in this Frickin country , before long , we will see a Crash of Capitalism , and then we will be at the cross roads of How we best keep the Society functioning , and that is when we will see a Frickin Democratic Socialistic movement take over , and kill off the USA as we know it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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