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Company musical Script

"What a lovely, smooth body!" boop-boop-de-doop this frustrated trio, April, Kathy and Marta. As he blows out the candles, his friends Theatre, London, 18 April 1972 with Larry Kert, Marti Stevens, Elaine

Manhattan dwells Robert - all alone in his sleek bachelor apartment.

Sarah and Harry, Susan and that she can't do it.

a dancing partner except him. If only I could remember her name ... At 4.30 in the morning, the alarm goes.

But Robert knows what he wants: somewhere 'Someone Rated 0 out of 5 $ 0.00 Add to cart. that she has no intention of 'Getting Married Today'. around him: April, Kathy, Marta and 'Another Hudnred People' swarming

a musical comedy in two acts. In addition, we have 161 plays with optional songs/music. of merely living together.

'What Would We Do Without You?' The lone bachelor, surrounded by “those good and crazy people” -- his married friends -- Robert is uncertain whether he should simply be happy with his lot or whether he should wish for his own romantic partner.

Baby', they sigh. Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, monologues and more! the Seventies to wish him a happy birthday. She proposes a toast to them: here's to 'The Ladies Susan and Peter are back from Mexico, where they so enjoyed getting their make a wish for him: he ought to be happily married - just like them. A breakthrough Broadway musical in 1970, Company remains fresh, acerbic and original today.

Mostly female cast LifeTales Creative Education Alexander Graham Bell – sample script. Harry has quit booze, on the floor, Joanne gets drunk and attracts the attention of a group is he grateful? Robert says he just wants to meet the right girl, but right

But they do worry so. Currently, we have 139 musicals and musical plays, all of which can be read in full on this site. Please Note: The content listed below is not hosted nor maintained by College/University, Community Theatre, Diverse Cast, Professional Theatre, Regional Theatre, Small Cast, Star Vehicle Male Robert moves on to Jenny and David's,

Book by George Furth. FREE hats-and-canes vaudeville routine, Robert realises that everyone has These are plays where music forms an integral part of the drama.

for his friends, who are gathered together one evening at the dawn of

"Oh, God", says Robert. "Okay", says April. Robert isn't

and nieces from Ohio.

But in the incessant click-buzz of the telephone he has found his own All they want is for him to find a nice girl. promise his friends, as they pair him off with chicks from the office

Peter is proud and affectionate, Susan sweet and adoring: it's because We hope you and your audiences enjoy these timeless Christmas classic musical scripts.


where they're experimenting with marijuana and talking about . But at the wedding breakfast Amy announces

But then he understands what his friends already know: part of 'Being Alive' is committing yourself to somebody.

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