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Concrete5 Pixel theme

The main features of the template are full-page images, parallax backgrounds, CSS3 animations, and support for Google Fonts. Additional features include sortable Jquery Portfolio, a blog with truncated summaries and thumbnails, smooth CSS3 Transition, very easy to update, plenty of sections to edit/add, over ten custom blocks, including Portfolio, Twitter blocks, and Google Maps, etc.This theme has been specially designed for anyone who requires a website for presentations or business. The theme is multipurpose and highly customizable, so the sky’s the limit with what you decide to populate it with.There is nothing more frustrating than car troubles. Additional features include sliding introduction, forecast plug in, thirteen custom blocks, responsive pricing table, masonry gallery with responsive lightbox and much more.I'm a web developer & blogger enthusiast, helping novice users with the principles of site creation.When we started our online journey we did not have a clue about coding or building web pages, probably just like you. This helps to decouple custom page functionality from page design.Included in each theme are several Page Templates. And while we would never claim that a concrete5 website theme can make the process of car repair easier, it certainly couldn’t hurt. Ideally, its background colors can be customized to match your preferences. Featuring Free Concrete5 Themes – MORE INFO. The Cloneamental is an editable version of the default elemental theme; it has been developed for those users who would like to modify the default theme. It comes with ten-page themes and one simple page type. Neuron’s high contrast design will add an eye-catching edge that will make your website or blog to stand out from the crowd. Torque is a great theme for the 21st-century mechanic. Besides being responsive, it fits all screen resolutions and has been tested on Mac: Firefox, Opera, Chrome; Mobile: iPhone 4s; Windows: IE8, Chrome.Key features include sixteen custom blocks, including styled images, galleries, styled blockquote, styled lists and so much more, eleven-page template, responsive lightbox, share icons, Facebook link button, accordions, nice color scheme and CSS transitions.This is another single page concrete5 wedding theme with custom blocks and at least two page types. We have assisted in the launch of You can also use the concrete5 themes templates to base your pages on the themes and then can choose from the theme repository and get the best themes that suit your requirements Read More Surprisingly, it’s even easier for you to add custom fields (images, texts, etc.) Moreover, the theme is very lightweight because of its clean markup and minimal design. A clean menu bar helps users find their way around pages like a blog and contact form.

), custom pages, custom blocks and to edit your content without changing HTML but only using editable areas directly on the website. This template gives you a unique beauty that is not even available with other existing concrete5 themes. We highly recommend it for users who are new to the concrete5 CMS platform.There is nothing more satisfying than simplicity, but that should never come in the way of function.

Sweet pea is user-friendly and comes with impressive features for advance users. It is quite simple and have few customization options. Ideally, it fits various screen resolutions and has been tested on mobile phones, multiple browsers, and desktops.This is a unique, modern, flat and highly functional one-page concrete5 theme. It’s designed using Zurbs Foundation 4 grid framework. Admittedly, concrete5 CMS is best for anyone who needs to edit content without changing HTML but only using editable areas directly on website and to add custom fields (images, text, etc.) For any large image uploaded to Concrete5, the Small thumbnail type will be a maximum of 740 pixels wide, the Medium a maximum of 940, and Large a maximum of 1140. Page Types can have different page templates assigned to them for output. Demo image is from a website that uses the theme.

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