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Degrassi Spike and Snake

Joey's wife has died and is unsure if he wants to go to the reunion, especially after meeting Caitlin's fiancé. Snake is discovered in an empty movie theater by Emma while he was passionately kissing Principal Daphne Hatzilakos|, a woman approximately ten years his senior and his superior on the Degrassi faculty.

Later, Mr. Simpson tells Alli that detention will be starting now. Imogen says that he must be joking, but Becky adds that she thinks he's serious. ("Snake as an adult in Degrassi: The Next Generation.With the show's reintroduction of Joey as a regular character, and additional guest appearances by Caitlin, Lucy, Teaching Spike's daughter renews Spike's interest in Snake, and the two begin dating. Archie is seen smiling and believing the crowd is starting to warm up. After Maya made a 'death threat' to Zoë it is revealed that he suspended her. Zoë admits that it was consensual, and Drew asks if he can leave the office. He does this by going to the hair salon where she works and in a tuxedo he brought her flowers, and sang their wedding song. Maya is furious and thinks that Zoë's punishment should be worse as she started the Facerange page about her. Imogen responds that she'd be lying if she said she isn't. Angry with each other, two initially stay away from the church the following morning, reluctant to marry. Joey returns and remarks that their heads are all now as bald as the bowling balls surrounding them; Snake lost his already thinning hair as a result of the chemotherapy; the other two presumably lost theirs more gradually in their twenties. Spike then remarks that she does not “deserve such a perfect husband.” Emma angrily tells them to stop it and it leads to Snake having to confess, for which Spike expels him out of the house. ", DNG ep. Both are being informed by their parents. She meets "Jordan" on-line. Snake was good at avoiding anything he didn't need or want to do, which made him somewhat irresponsibl…

She completes an Kathleen eventually does get counseling, but her problems continue into high school. After staying home the following day and getting drunk, Spike tells him they need time apart and leaves with their son Jack, while Emma decides to stay and help support Snake. Alli's parents show up in Mr. Simpsons Office and he discusses what happened between Alli and Bianca. But, nevertheless, he remains stoic and supportive. It seems the trip was canceled because of Emma's battle with anorexia nervosa. ; "Upon entering a Degrassi High School lavatory one day, he discovers the corpse of classmate Though liked by nearly everyone as a friend or pleasant acquaintance, Snake is generally unsuccessful with women, owing largely to his lack of self-confidence and desire to be the "good guy". Christine found out about this, and told Archie that she had forgotten about a family obligation and that she wouldn't be able to attend the dance, so that Archie could … The grieving Wheels withdrew from his friends, then blamed Joey for him not being with his parents that night. When Snake is finally allowed back to work he finds some students do not welcome his return, especially the Lakehurst students who do not know him well. Spike compels Snake to get out of the house and go bowling with Joey one evening, whereupon Joey reunites Wheels with Snake who initially wants nothing to do with him.

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