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Poured neat into a glencairn glass:Nose - vanilla, sharp alcohol, oak, cola, leather, and a little bit of what I think is dark chocolate with orange peel. I think it is an excellent value. It's very inviting - I fear I'm taking too many sips now trying to figure it out! Otherwise I'm left with the local convenience stores and chain grocers whose selection is limited where the lesser known juice is concerned. I tried it neat, being cautious and such post other bourbon experiences I usually had it on the rocks (lotsarox).No kidding on the Scotch or Irish, cheers!After reading your review, along with all the comments, I’m going to pick up a bottle today for my first Mint Julep. Just my opinion…I agree it’s definitely spicier. Literally the last “note” of the finish was a green note that I haven’t experienced in other bourbons.

I agree!I can get a pint of this at one of my favorite local stores for $8.

Excellent! Besides, I'm a fan of regular black label EW, and the single barrel series are some of my favorite bourbons.On to the review! Great aroma, nice to sip.All good choices. And I felt even better about EW than I already did. Cheers Pete!Took a while to find, but was in a store in a nearby smaller town and they had at least 20 bottles on display for $11.99. On to the review! Cheers Brett!Bought a bottle last night based on this review.

I remembered your review of it and decided to pull the trigger. The 100-proof is bottled in bond.

Really worth the price and now I know I can pick one up when I visit my son. It’s so much better than the black label, which though pleasant just withers in a cocktail. Yeah man I couldn’t pass that up either. I’ve had $30 whiskeys that aren’t as good. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. /shameIt was my first time seeing it, though I've seen older reviews for it. Funny story: Recently some friends came over, told me they brought some Jack Daniels and asked if I wanted some. Cheers!First off , I love your reviews. Cheers!$16 with tax $31 with tax for the 1.75 liter bottle @ The Total Wine in Maryland.I get this when the Henry Mckenna isn’t available:)I never gave this one a second look since I’m not a fan of the Black Label EW, but after seeing so many positive reviews I gave it a shot and man am I glad I did. so far i have tried EWblack, EWbib, Old granddad bib, larceny, knob creek, elijah craig 12yo, EW 1783, henry mckenna 10yo bib, and rebel yell.If you haven’t tried anything from Maker’s Mark it sounds like you might like that.The review is spot on. Near San Jose, Ca a 1.75L can be had for $17 at CVS or Rite Aid.Wish I liked this stuff but when I drink it all I taste is oranges. Amazeballs for the price. I drink bourbon neat and in my opinion OGD has more flavor. I did pick up a bottle of Blanton’s and almost pull the trigger on this but decided against it. It could be pure piss and still sell. Best quality/price ratio. I haven’t seen that label here yet, but I’ll keep an eye open.I just found this stuff in Maryland when I was passing through, and quickly grabbed a 1.75 liter for $27, which prices it at under $12 per fifth.

Perfectly sweet.When I have a party, I go to my local shop and buy handles of EW for batched cocktails.

HubPagesHubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc.Copyright © 2020 HubPages Inc. and respective owners.As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. 6 years ago. Cheers Christopher!This is my new favorite value bourbon. Thank you pointing me in the direction of this nice bourbon.I love pointing people to this whiskey. I'll have to con some friends into joining me in my low-cost bourbon adventures. Evan Williams definitely benefits from the higher proof and as with most BiB products it’s a great value if you’re looking for whiskey that delivers versatility. It is too sweet. ?Do tell. I taste cherries and oak, with a long but moderate burn when drinking this one.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this quality whiskey.I tried this at your recommendation and damn, this is a sweet bourbon! Can’t beat that price for a good bourbonWOW!

$13.99 for 750 mL here in VA. I’d put this right in there with WT101 and Buffalo Trace. Oakier and more dark fruit, less nutty aspect. 79% Upvoted. Cheers Kraig!This retails for $12.95-15.95 750ml in my neck of the woods. With these reviews I’m going back to purchase this. Not as much vanilla. It’s very enjoyable.Thank you, that means the world to me and I’m even more happy that you like the EW BiB!Ha, I do like the EW 18, but when I taste it next to the 21 it just doesn’t seem like it’s in the same league.

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