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Family of Prophet Muhammad

The application contains information about all the personalities divided into three parts, birth, life, and death respectively.Biography of Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)-The Best companion of Prophet (SAW)Verdict of Islam on Men Shaking Hands With Non-Mehram Women The parents of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) were noble and pious people. Khadijah, the daughter of Khwailid was a businesswoman of great honor and fortune. He was the son of the Uncle Abu Talib of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was the fifth person to accept Islam. Hazrat Fatima (RA) was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Hazrat Khadija (RA).

Share. It was at Busra that the Christian monk Bahira met Muhammad (PBUH). On his deathbed, he confides to his son Abu Talib the custody of the little orphan grandson Muhammad (PBUH).Abu Talib took the charge of his nephew in the best way. Khadijah was very much impressed. Umar (RA) was a strong enemy of Islam before accepting it. They were free from all the evils of their society and never worshipped idols.Abdullah, the Prophet’s (pbuh) father, belonged to a very famous tribe in Makkah called Quraysh. Only two months after his return to Mecca, he (PBUH) was married to Khadijah and she comes in the family tree of Muhammad (PBUH). He was the first man to accept Islam. She is a vital character in the religion and considered a role model for all Muslim women. Umar (RA) is buried beside the Prophet (PBUH) in the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina.Ali (RA) was the cousin and son in law of the Prophet (PBUH) and is also known to be the first child to accept Islam.

Abu Talib remained for forty years cherishing his nephew and extending all possible protection and support to him. He (PBUH) was born as an orphan. When Muhammad (SAW) was twelve years old, he led with his uncle Abu Talib on a merchandising journey to Syria. In his early teens, Muhammad worked in a camel caravan, following in the footsteps of many people his age, born of meager wealth. He (PBUH) was the son of Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib and Aminah the daughter of Wahb Ibn Abdu Manaf of the Zahrah family. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also had many other loyal friends about which you can read in detail in our app Family and Friends of Muhammad (PBUH) is an application that provides information about family members and renowned friends of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They … He put him with his children and preferred him to them. Taking multiple wives was standard for Arabian culture of the time and often was done for political reasons or out of duty and responsibility.

His last ten wives were either widows of fallen comrades and allies or women who had been enslaved when their tribes were conquered by the Muslims.The fact that many of the later wives were slaves may be repugnant to 21st-century audiences, but this, too, was standard practice at the time. He isn’t just known for his generosity, he was also known to be modest, charitable and also kind-hearted. She used to employ men to do her business for a certain percentage of the profits. Only two survived him: Zainab and Fatimah. Muhammad, the son of 'Abdullah ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hashim and his wife Aminah, was born in 570 CE, approximately, in the city of Mecca in the Arabian Peninsula.He was a member of the family of Banu Hashim, a respected branch of the prestigious and influential Quraysh tribe.It is generally said that 'Abd al-Muttalib named the child "Muhammad" (Arabic: مُحَمَّد ‎). © Copyrights 2020, Muslims and Islam His three sons—Qasim, Abdullah, and Ibrahim—died in early childhood, but Muhammad doted on his four daughters. Whoever loves Muhammad is loved by Allah, and whoever is loved by Allah will have nothing to worry about. He (PBUH) was born as an orphan. Quraish people were mostly trading’s people, so when Khadijah was informed about Muhammad (PBUH), his truthful words, great honesty and kind manners, she sent for him.

I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem. Muhammad also has Jewish ancestry through his great-grandmother, Salma bint Amr the mother of Abd al-Muttalib. In addition to being a prophet, a statesman, and a community leader, the Prophet Muhammad, who was born in 570, was a family man.Muhammad was known to be kind and gentle with his family, setting an example for all to follow. He was twenty-five years of age and Khadijah was forty.Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) had many generous and loving friends in his life who were with him at every stage of his life no matter what’s the situation is. His father Abdullah died before his birth. Shortly before the Prophet's (pbuh) birth while Abdullah was on a trade journey he fell ill and passed away.Aminah, the Prophet’s (pbuh) mother, came from the Banu Zuhra tribe in Yathrib (… His daughters were: He was twelve years younger than the Prophet (PBUH). Both maternally and paternally, the Messenger of Allah -upon him blessings and peace- belonged to the purest family of Quraysh, a purity of lineage confirmed by the Prophet -upon him blessings and peace- himself in the following hadith:Another name of the Prophet -upon him blessings and peace- is Mustapha, meaning one who is delicately chosen.

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