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Finnish Civil Guard

It was deployed with numerous other units in autumn 1877, as the Russian offensive had been blocked due to failed attempts to take over the fortress of Plevna. The most famous war effort of the battalion was the participation to the Turkish War in Bulgaria 1877-78.

They lost only ten men in combat, including one officer. The name of the Helsinki Battalion became to be Finnish Training Rifle Battalion and its size was increased with 100 men to 500 troops. As the battalion left Helsinki on 6 September, it in… Subsequently, the "draft strikes movement" organised large-scale opposition against Finnish conscripts being obliged to undertake their military service in Russian units. As the last Finnish military unit the Rifle battalion became a target of ever stronger Russian criticism. At its promotion to a guard unit, the battalion got 17 permanent officers. The Emperor oversaw the exercises in person. After the murder of General-Governor Bobrikov, the Russian line towards Finland became more relaxed, and the future of the Guard of Finland was left open. After this, the Helsinki Battalion was the only remainder of the military force formed in 1812.In July 1829 the Finnish Training Battalion was suddenly ordered to join the imperial life-guards' exercise camp in Krasnoye Selo south-west of As the battalion gained a higher rank, its strength was also increased to 600 men.

This situation continued until the Finnish independence.In 1910, all Guards' Rifle Battalions were raised to regimental strength. At most there were some 80000 men participating the 10-week spectacle. The Finnish Guards' Battalion participated in four campaigns outside Finland. Two of these included actual combat: first in 1831 during the Polish The military of Finland during the period of autonomy within Russia was established by an imperial order on 18 September 1812 by Of these three regiments, the first to start operations was the 3rd, During the spring 1817, the Vyborg regiment was split in two and the other was moved to With the imperial order in the March 1827, the Finnish military force was re-arranged to form six rifle battalions. Furthermore, it was regulated, that the battalion had to accept all the qualified noblemen willing to enter the military career as non-commissioned officers, as long as they could pay their costs of living until they were promoted to commissioned officers and regular, paid commissioned officers' posts were vacant. It was enshrined on the annual of Gorni Dubnik battle on 24 October 1881.The Finnish Guard took part also in the triannual drills in From the end of the 19th century onwards, the Finnish military was under the aim to be merged with Russian Army. During the era of During the years 1837–1846, the battalion sent annually one officer to The most famous war effort of the battalion was the participation to the Turkish War in Bulgaria 1877–78. At that time, a Russian unit established in 1799 as a garrison battalion of the Guard, which had later operated as a reserve infantry regiment, was given the name of His Majesty's Life Guard's 3rd Rifle Regiment, thus taking the position held formerly by the Finnish Guard's Rifle Battalion. Other officers were temporarily assigned from other forces. The Helsinki Training Battalion had had only two permanent officers; a commander and his adjutant. Their positions were filled with other officers, and the battalion remained as before. After two months, the recruitment in other units were forbidden and they were disbanded in 1830. The Finnish battalion was mobilised on 3 August 1877, and its size was increased by 200 men. The Governor General The Finnish "conscription army" was abolished by a new conscription law enacted by For the moment The Guards' Rifle Battalion and the Finnish Cavalry Regiment (based in Between 1901 and 1902, eight officers from the Rifle battalion resigned in protest against the conscription law which they considered illegal. Some of the battalion's men had already during the beginning of the war served in the life-guard of Alexander II.

In 1882 the uniforms were reformed to be more in line with the Russian style. It was deployed with numerous other units in autumn 1877, as the Russian offensive had been blocked due to failed attempts to take over the fortress of The Guards' Rifle Brigade commanded by major general Alexander Ellis and, consequently, the Finnish Guard's Rifle battalion belonged throughout the war in the army commanded by Lieutenant General After the battle of Gorni Dubnik, the battalion commander A memorial for the war was erected on the grounds of Guards' Barracks, where the names of the dead were marked.

The 3rd Guards' Rifle Regiment was disbanded in 1918. However, as many as 399 men died due to illnesses and epidemics on the front. Finnish public opinion expressed a hope that the battalion might become a volunteer (non-conscript) unit, but the leadership of the Russian army refused the idea.After the disestablishment of the Finnish Guards' Rifle Battalion, Finland was, for the first time since 1812, without domestic military. These two units had, however, different lineages and they should not be mixed. As a result, the battalion became the career shortcut for the young noblemen willing to enter the military career.The first combat deployment of the battalion was the participation to the campaign to defeat Polish The battalion spent the winter 1831–32 in Latvia, Biržai, before returning to Helsinki.

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