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Grace Line ships

and each ship could make 18-1/2 knots with only three boilers active. Colombia kept her name until she was lost. Each had two 8-cylinder, 2 cycle Sulzer diesel engines of 4000 hp. These were the Santas Maria, Magdelena, Mercedes and Mariana and were referred to as the "M" ships.

Grace listed on New York Stock Exchange with ticker GRA in 1953.On February 3, 2016, Grace spun off its Grace Construction Products operating segment and the packaging technologies business into an independent company, There are two accounts of the incorporation date of W. R. Grace & Co.

The 20 knot service and the ship’s superior accommodations to anything the Pacific Coast shipping had to offer made this an exceedingly popular run.It was not long before other companies complained that, since Grace ships were subsidized for foreign trade they should not compete in the coastwise business. After the First World War successors were painted grey, with masts and booms of the usual mast color. The time saved enabled the ships to make a shuttle run between Seattle and San Francisco. Late in1936 Grace acquired the Red D Line and it’s Caribbean Service, and early in 1937 SANTA ROSA, SANTA PAULA and SANTA ELENA entered that service: New York to Venezuela, Curacao, Colombia, Cristobal and Haiti.In addition to the services already mentioned, Grace operated several cargo runs, for which it built eight 12 knot freighters, between 1913 and 1919. These 110 passenger ships were 376 feet long with a gross tonnage of 5800.

Their overall length was 508 ft. and beam 72 ft.Their power plants were at the time second to none in efficiency. In the 1890’s the company entered the steamship business with a line of freighters running from New York to the South American west coast via the Strait of Magellan flying the British flag.Grace’s original British-flag ships had black hulls, white painted masts and booms, and a green stack with a black top. At first the line was called Prudential Grace Lines and later the Grace was dropped and it became just Prudential Line.

As it was then permissible to build ships in foreign countries for U.S. flag operation and retain eligibility for mail contracts, these sisters were constructed by the Furness Shipbuilding Company in Haverton-on-Tees, England. Her regular route included inter-coastal service between the east coast and the west coast of the USA via the Caribbean and the Panama Canal. These “combos” became very popular and were a huge success and Grace Line had three more built. The activities of both companies and the parent firm were consolidated into the Grace Steamship Company beginning in 1916. In 1926 the secondary service from New York as far as Antofagasta, Chile was begun with the SANTA CRUZ, which was joined in the following year by SANTA CECI(E)?LIA ( ex COLUSA)Also in 1916, the company acquired a controlling interest in the venerable Pacific Mail Steamship Company, premier west coast and transpacific operator, which had already sold its big ships and retained only the lesser vessels of the Central American service.In 1921 the Shipping Board allocated five 535 ft. President class ships for Transpacific operation by Pacific Mail Line.

She had four masts at first, but was later given a fifth with a 100 ton boom, and handled fully assembled steam locomotives for the South American ports. The first six were fitted out to carry bananas from Ecuador to New York. This unlucky ship first ran aground on Cano Island off Costa Rica in 1923, remaining there two months. According to a According to its website, W. R. Grace & Co. was incorporated in Connecticut in 1899. The new vessels were designed by Gibbs & Cox and were named after their two forerunners. These all of about 10,000 deadweight tons. (The fir… SANTA CATALINA by 1919 had become the USS BLACK HAWK, a destroyer tender.The Navy took over the SANTA LUCIA in 1942 ; as the USS LEEDSTOWN, she was sunk in the North African invasion. He went first to Peru to work as a ship's chandler for the firm of Bryce and Company, to the merchantmen harvesting guano, used as a fertilizer and gunpowder ingredient due to its high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen. These the SANTA ROSA class were ordered from Federal Shipbuilding Co. Kearney, New Jersey and delivered in 1932-1933. She was one of four sister ships (the others being Santa Elena, Santa Lucia and Santa Paula) ordered in 1930 from the Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Company of Kearny, NJ.

Finding itself without ships suitable for the transpacific trade, Pacific Mail sold its registered name and goodwill to Dollar. The Dollar Line outbid Grace and was awarded the vessels.

Hannevig, however accepted Grace’s offer to buy the ships before they were completed.

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