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Isco 3710 Sampler manual

This item has...Locating Insert for 2.5 Gallon bottle. Note:  This is the...Silicone Rubber Pump Tubing / Discharge Tubing Bulk Roll (10 Ft.)Silicone rubber tubing, 10 ft. roll. Note:  This is the...Standard Weighted Polypropylene Strainer (3/8 Inch I.D. Using the change pump tubing counter helps prevent the loss of samples … x 25 Ft. Long)Vinyl suction line with standard weighted polypropylene strainer, 3/8 inch I.D. Allows a single ISCO open channel flowmeter/logger/transmitter to flow pace two ISCO samplers. Strainer Dimensions:  Overall Length:  11.5 InchesMain Body Length:  10.5 InchesOutside Diameter: ...Low flow stainless steel strainer, 3/8 inch I.D. This item has a...Desiccant, 8 oz. For applications with low flows. Strainer Dimensions:  Overall Length:  7 InchesMain Body Length:  6 InchesOutside Diameter:  .375 Inches This item has a lead...

This item has a lead time of 1-5 days. This item has a lead time of 5-9 daysBase assembly for Model 3710 Portable Full-Size Sampler.

x 100 Ft.  Includes one tubing coupler.

Cancel Unsubscribe. If using the 3700, 3700c, 3710 or 3710c, it will also...Coin-style lithium battery 3 Volt, 0.3 Amp hour. For use with vinyl suction line only. Accessories for the Model 3710 Full Size Portable Composite Sampler. This item has a lead time of 1-3 daysComposite ProPak bags, quantity 100.

This item has a lead time of 11-15 daysSuspension Harness For 6700 Series / 3700 Series Portable SamplersSuspension harness for 6700 Series and 3700 Series Samplers. The extensive sampling capabilities, flexible programming, and durable construction make the sampler ideally suited for general purpose or priority pollutant sampling. Although Isco Inc, has many options for powering the Model 3700 Samplers, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) has certified those samplers for use with the Isco- Used on the Avalanche, 4700, 5800, and all 6700 Series Samplers. This item has a lead time of 3-7 daysTubing coupler, 3/8 inch I.D. Does not include a strainer. bottle. Ready to install. This item has a lead time of 1-5 daysStainless steel double junction combination pH probe with built-in exposed temperature probe and 25 ft. (7.62 m) cable. Loading... Unsubscribe from Jason Spector? Includes instruction sheet. It is one of Isco’s 3700 Series of portable and refrigerated samplers. Terminates...ISCO Sampler to ISCO Flowmeter connect cable, 25 ft. (7.6 m). 1640 Instruction Manual .....60-1644-009 Connect cable, 25', Teledyne Isco sampler to Isco Flow meter .....60-3004-107 Connector only, without cable, for use with non-Isco Flow meters with an isolated contact closure proportional to flow . Used on 3710 Full-Size Portable Sampler for 2.5 Gallon sampling only.

Silicone Rubber Pump Tubing For Avalanche / 4700 / 5800 / 6700 Series Samplers (Qty 5)Silicone rubber pump tubing, quantity 5. Capacity of each bag is 2 Gallon (7.5 Liter). This tubing serves dual purpose roles: Used as pump tubing on the GLS, Glacier, and 3700 Series Samplers. This item has a...ISCO Sampler to ISCO Flowmeter 'Y' connect cable. This instruction manual is designed to help you gain a thorough understanding of the operation of the equipment. Used in 2100 Series Module desiccant tubes, 4200 Series Flowmeters, 700 Series...Vinyl Suction Line With Strainer Assembly (3/8 Inch I.D. Controller used on 3710 and 3710C Samplers. Loose yellow/orange silica gel beads (2 to 5 mm), which turn green when saturated. This item has a lead...Vinyl suction line, 3/8 inch I.D. x 25 Ft.  Includes tubing coupler. Used in the 3700, 3700c, 3710, 3710c, GLS and Glacier Sampler controllers (1 bag each). Used as discharge tubing on the Avalanche,...Silicone Rubber Pump Tubing For Avalanche / 4700 / 5800 / 6700 Series Samplers (Qty 10)Silicone rubber pump tubing, quantity 10. Used on the Avalanche, 4700, 5800, and all 6700 Series Samplers. Customer Service: 800-228-4373 or Product Support Chromatography & Pumps: 800-775-2965 Product Support Samplers & Flowmeters: 866-298-6174 Prices listed in this store are valid only for customers located within the contiguous United States. Includes pump tubing. Used as discharge tubing on the Avalanche,...Vinyl suction line, 3/8 inch I.D. This part replaces part number 694704054 on 4700 Samplers. Teledyne Isco recommends that you read this manual completely before placing the equipment in service. Note:  If your tubing indicates part number 029091603, it is a raw...Temperature sensor wiring assembly used on Model 4700 or 5800 Sampler. Clampless one-piece coupler manufactured of stainless steel. For applications with low flows. Parts for Teledyne ISCO Samplers. Used on the Models 4700 and 5800 Refrigerated Samplers. Disclaimers: Although Isco Inc. has made many references to using the sampler outdoors in this manual, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) has certified these sam-plers for "indoor use only."

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