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Marlon Williams and Aldous Harding

Live at Auckland Town Hall, released 01 February 2019 1. ‘I just kind of started playing the guitar, so I think people pitied me more than anything and gave me money.’John Parish is a UK-based musician and producer, and has produced both ‘Nothing bad actually happens,’ Aldous told the When she was on her very first European tour, she had an Italian manager named Elisabetta, who would protect her from the scrum after gigs.‘I'd finish a gig and I'd be struggling with the language barrier and having people fall all over me, and she'd just tell everyone I was tired and take me to where we were staying,’ Aldous told ‘I'm actually hilarious,’ she told NZ news website, ‘We’re expected to be able to explain ourselves,’ she told NPR.
Lyttelton’s Marlon Williams has just released his second album Make Way For Love. It's very stunted. Her first recording was the song ‘Exactly What to Say’, which she wrote and recorded with her mother, Canadian folk singer Lorina Harding, at the tender age of 13.When she was younger, Aldous apparently wanted to be a vet, but decided it would be too emotional.

"Fresh from a 50-gig tour across Europe, America and Australia, he's now coming home to perform to New Zealand crowds, which he says are far more intimidating than international ones. She finds it terrifying, but did it to make quick money when she was living in Christchurch and didn’t have a job. She wants it known that they were really the ones that ‘discovered’ her. Now, at 29, she has three albums, so….One day, visiting her mum in the small NZ town of Geraldine, Aldous decided to do some busking. Beautiful Dress (Live at Auckland Town Hall) 5. 15/05/2018. NOTE: This post probably contains quite a few errors and an inaccurate timeline – there is very little info online about old Christchurch venues, so I welcome all corrections and additions! I Didn't Make a Plan (Live at Auckland Town … The … "It's not necessarily anything the audience is doing, it's just that relationship, returning back to the roots. Live reviews. BONUS FUN FACT: Aldous actually hates busking.

She was knackered, and planned to lie on her bed, listening to Bach, until sleep claimed her.

"Williams says he's much more eloquent in his songs than in real life. I Know a Jeweller (Live at Auckland Town Hall) 3. "She said, 'Go and find someone else to do it', but eventually [said yes]. Marlon Williams. She wasn’t keen on music. Aldous is a pseudonym she adopted for her musical act. "Williams will be performing in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin from Saturday. Aldous Harding. Now the two have reunited in song for Marlon Williams… Her first, self-titled album was described as ‘gothic folk’. Come to Me (Live at Auckland Town Hall) 2. For a time, Marlon Williams and Aldous Harding, two of New Zealand’s most talented singers and songwriters were a couple. The two even sing together on ballad 'Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore'. "It's a new thing that I've discovered - for me, music helps to answer some of the questions that my speaking brain can't put into words. Marlon Williams Singer and songwriter from Lyttleton, New Zealand.

And, no, there will NOT be anything about Marlon Williams in here, we’ve heard enough about him. Here are some things you may not know about Aldous Harding. Copyright © 2020 MediaWorks TV - All Rights Reserved ‘I was busking outside the bakery and [Anika] came past and put heaps of coins in, and I didn’t really notice it was her,’ she told She opened for Anika that night, and was offered some free studio time.She is clear in the interview, though, that she had already been playing music, was already making a record with Ben Edwards of Lyttelton Records and musician Delaney Davidson. Tag: Marlon Williams Darkroom. She told NZ magazine ‘Of course my personality changes when I go by that,’ she told With two successful musicians for parents, Aldous carries the heft of musical heritage.
Good solid support from Laura Jean who brought her own brand or quirky Australian folk pop. Aldous arrived on stage with her band amidst a cloud of quiet expectation and cheers from the crowd. "We're both sociopaths so it's par for the course," he joked about the potentially awkward situation. Then The real name of the Kiwi chanteuse is actually Hannah Harding. Everyone's Got Something to Say (Live at Auckland Town Hall) 4. Ex-boyfriend Marlon Williams had just taken her out for dinner. HER NAME ISN'T ALDOUS. Decent smaller intimate venue with Trinity Centre.

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