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NASA spinoff Home and City

Each item within the buildings has an explanation of how it started as NASA technology. The latest edition of NASA's Spinoff publication features dozens of commercial technologies that were developed or improved by the agency's space program, including by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in Pasadena, California, and benefit people everywhere. The NASA Home and City website features about 130 spinoff technologies in a virtual space, allowing users to discover common items that NASA inspired or helped improve.

The website showcases only a small sample of NASA spinoff and dual-purpose technologies, NASA said in a statement. Here is a list of the top 10 you might use in everyday life, or that may even have saved your life: Top 10 NASA Spinoffs #10. NASA doesn’t make, advertise or sell any commercial products, but it’s still a major source of American commercial innovation. "Spinoffs" are commercial products and services derived from NASA technology or improved through NASA partnerships. There is much more to come from our incredible team as we continue to drive toward a unified access platform for satellite communications.”Atlas also announced the successful integration of its Freedom Platform with the Major Tom interface of Texas aerospace company Kubos, which is saving operators time and cost.Astroscale, a Japanese orbital debris removal company, is using Atlas technology in its ELSA-D mission to demonstrate the ability to autonomously capture and deorbit a satellite in the event that it becomes necessary.BlackSky, of Seattle and Virginia, is scheduled to launch two satellites as part of a SpaceX rideshare program. NASA Home & City is an interactive experience for desktop and mobile devices that demonstrates the NASA Spinoff technologies that have come from America’s investment in space and have yielded new technologies that improve life across Earth. The NASA Home & City interactive web app allows you to explore some of the spinoff technologies you can find in your everyday life, demonstrating the wider benefits of America's investments in its space program. They will use Atlas’ ground stations in Japan and Guam, and its Freedom Platform to retrieve and manage data.National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Earth observation satellites will use Atlas’ ground stations in Tahiti and Ghana to deliver intelligence to improve its tropical storm and hurricane prediction capabilities with virtually no human interaction.In the five years since its founding, Atlas has grown from 22 full-time employees to 30, expanded its office space, and is establishing five new ground sites, which will bring the total number of Atlas-owned ground stations to 14 before the end of the year.A space communications company in Traverse City today announced it has been awarded a research contract from NASA.

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