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Original Carter V

Its like he knew then that almost none of those songs were going to make it.Then again they came out after his tweets, which I feel like at that point he knew it was over for cvYes, but he knew it would come out. was a bangerScottie pippen is something else man.

What’s even crazier is that ‘Believe Me’ and ‘Grindin’ were suppose to make it to the album but end up just being Singles, which I’m ok with that. And its not over! The album's features include Swizz Beatz, Kendrick Lamar, Sosamann, Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter, Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, Ashanti, Mack Maine, Travis Scott, Nivea and the late XXXTentacion. Supposed Original Version Of Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter V’ Surfaces Online The story of Tha Carter V has been well documented.

Also I think if they had put og cv out they would’ve still had a couple things to tweak with the beats and what not and it would’ve been a better album. This has been a historic moment our lifetime…..crazy man, I remember him losing to paul in sinnoh and then 4th place in Unova….It’s nice to finally see him winI won against Paul son, he lost against the dude after Paul who had a fucking Latios and Darkrai….c’mon now you remember.So out of the few songs left that didnt come out yet, did Sin/Sip ft. 2 Chainz leak? They didn’t download In Tune We Trust to their phones. It has the vibesOn god, I play battlefront 2 mostly and I’ll buy something you play as wellI ain’t never played that hoe, ima get some more games.

On ‘No Brainer’ the very opening line wayne used in S4tw2 No Type.

I was mad asf 4 tracks missing from the leak Brad Pitt, Mano y Mano, Start This Shit off Right, St LouisI want Mano y mano now, them gudda and wayne tracks usually on point.is “stick em” “she said better get em” or the outro for disc 1?I know this tweet is specifically for me… but we ALL did this. Why on God why did he leave this off the new C5 this song is incredible im not even a wayne fan like that anymore but man this shit is nutsEnter your e-mail address above to get Lil Wayne updates sent to you via e-mail.© 2008 - 2020 LilWayneHQ.com | All Rights Reserved. we just two days in, stop the hate.Shittin me nigga I’ll admit 2018 C5 is more mature, but this C5 is the real hitmaker. I’ll link you the song as soon as I remember the name of it lolHot boy remix from 2015 would have been perfect for c5 had it been original.Let What about me and take off Take it slow then we good… and fuck it I’m sorry let Demon toooooooooooI’m so pleased with the original cV… Fucking weezy at his bestCan someone please drop a link I can’t find ogc5 anywhereGo to datpiff.

Everyone on this site.

For all I know Wayne leaked it himselfIt’s scary to thing that any one of these accounts could be Wayne or someone in the YM camp this whole time that’s leaking all these songsBruh…I’ve had Scottie Pippen on repeat since it leaked the “Cruisin down the street and I ain’t Caribbean” just hit me What it mean? Get it before they take it away! Why give up on it so early? The sin/sip?Who they right mind would pay 250 for one song lmao I wouldn’t even do it for an album hell for 250 I better be getting enough songs for like 50 different albums250 is cheap smh. Even tho yeah they could’ve switch some songs of the OG to the 2018Overall vibe wasn’t there for me as a album but them tracks are dope no doubtI think the good songs on 2018 c5 are washed out by the not so good songs where I feel like og so far are just fire after fire & a lot more emotional throughout the whole thing then just a couple. this OGC5 is pretty much THE best Carter album. Be realNah yo, if i really hear Welcome to the Jungle I WILL cry real man tears son…Real…man…tears…Never put your hands on your hips while talking to another dudeI mean the man sounded like a damn monster on Welcome to the Jungle… like for some reason he was SUPER conscious of his flow and lyrics in that moment…. and its sad he was secretly recording shit like that and feeding us material like Wowzers and No Worries….Shut the hell up dude, nobody had you in consideration in my name change, tf….Better Stick Em’ beat is just….magical… it stuck on me way more than I want it tooOG C5 drops and Ash wins his first Pokemon League in one weekend? We make fun of his whole teamneed side bitch and that jungle song asap those were the best songsDoes anyone know where this leaked from? You can hear the lyrics better, the flow is better and just something about this OG CV is like listening to the old Wayne. SKRRRRRRRRRSo im curious about something. Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter V’ Original Version Surfaces Featuring Unreleased Tracks. Like this nigga could be on tour with ANYONE in the rap game (preferably someone with some buzz) but he with washed blink 182 the need to hire us fam! and mack main u bout to joint him.

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