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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Evox

The four proved a match for the Beast-X Mode Rangers. Evox wanted to punish her but Roxy pointed out that she may have defeated him if not for the other Rangers interfering. Exposed as a fraud, Pierre and his assistants (Tronics in disguise) threw the explosive paint at the Rangers, who managed to get out of the way just in time. Evox, posing as Mayor Daniels, travelled to Coral Harbor and convinced Commander Shaw to let "Pierre" paint a mural on one of Grid Battleforce's walls. Believing that having a Ranger on his side could help him gain more Morph X, Evox agrees with the plan. Scrozzle offers to upgrade one of the Avatars with all three of the Rangers' Beast powers. Evox survives the explosion and emerges from the rubble. It refers to the virus, the network (of villains)& the sentient entity. Scrozzle informs Evox that he has everything he needs to build his secret machine, but refuses to tell Blaze and Roxy anything. Though she succeeds in collecting data on Ravi's Gorilla strength, she fails to defeat the Rangers or collect Morph-X, Blaze attacks the Rangers with the Tronics and tries to collect the Beast Powers but fails and Devon destroys the Robotronizer. Then, Roxy goes to Earth and creates Around Halloween time, Scrozzle designed a hypnotic video to brainwash all of the Rangers into their costumed identities so that no one could prevent him and As Vargoyle is finishing telling Evox his plan to get him the Morph-X he needs to return to Earth, Blaze and Roxy walk it, ready to show Evox their designs for a Memory Pulsator, only for Vargoyle to reveal that he's already built their device with Scrozzle's help.

However, because Evox had already infected the system, he could not detect the virus. Roxy's Morpher was crushed to pieces by an enraged Ravi After the original Avatars were destroyed, Scrozzle created Robot versions of them after Evox resurfaced, recreating the Morphers for them as well, changing Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Blaze Ranger Morph Unmorphed Fight Episode 2 "Evox's Revenge"-0Power Rangers vs Roxy Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 3 "End of the Road" Morph-1Power Rangers vs Robo Blaze and Roxy Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 2-1Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Rangers then summoned their Beast-X Sabers to form the Beast-X Cannons whilst Chaku charged up his weapon. Devon takes the Racer Zord into the tower, while Mayor Daniels leads the other Rangers and their Beast Bots to Scrozzle's lab. Furious over his latest failure, Evox orders him to get out of his sight before he blasts Blaze to bits and scatters them across the Cyber Dimension. After Steel is captured by Evox's army in exchange for Ben and Betty's release, Evox is being released from the Cybergate again and tries to take possession of Steel's body. He taunts the Rangers about Steel's death and calls them all weak for being human. However, even in his weakened state, Evox catches the arrow before it hits him, and flings it back at the Rangers. Morph-X begins flowing from every tower in the world into Tower One at the heart of Coral Harbor.

Scrozzle then sent Despite losing a lot of fuel, the Ultrazord landed a couple blows on Gamerdrone with its lance. Using an energy blast from his key arm, Keytron was able to lock the Transpods on the Ranger's shoulders which prevented them from summoning any weapons. Although Keydrone survived, its key arm was smashed into a burning stump. Realizing the problem, Scrozzle finds a can of acid spray and tells Avatar Roxy that he’s going to build a Robotron to fix the problem.

Evox sent Blaze and Roxy to destroy Grid Battleforce so they created In the Crystal Dimension, Scrozzle came up with a new plan to invade Grid Battleforce, using explosive paint to bring down the armored walls. He easily defeats Roxy and Burnertron, sending them back to the Cyber Dimension. Roxy volunteers to go first. Blaze summons his sword and threatens Scrozzle, but Evox yells at the Avatars to find a way to defeat the Rangers' Megazord, threatening to have Scrozzle turn them into Tronics if they fail on the mission. Back in the Crystal Dimension, Evox suggested bringing his arsenal to Earth in order to use against the Rangers but it was hidden in his spaceship (much to Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy's delight).

Blaze appears in the Riptide Gym and hands the Rangers one of Robo-Roxy's memory drives under the guise of him finding it at the airport. It also features the debut of the Beast-X Ultrazord and Evox's robot form. He gloats that he has the data on all of the Rangers' weapons and that they're now useless against him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Steel retrieves the anti-Evox arrow and gives chase. In spite of being overpowered, Keytron tried to take down Devon but was shot down by Commander Shaw using a Beast-X Blaster. Evox easily takes down the Ultrazord with a few eye laser blasts. Blaze presents a plan to create a new Robotron that can slice into a Morph-X tower and get an ocean of Morph X for Evox. Goldar accompanies Snide to the Dino Charge dimension and fights the Dino Charge Rangers, quickly overwhelming them and the newly arrived Beast Morphers Rangers.

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