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As long as you know how incredible you are, none of their opinions matter.Best Line: “When the world’s at stake / All your dreams, they change / And every step you take / Is for another’s sake”Rachael Soglin has such a beautiful voice and she gets to show it off here. Bugette crawls away crying. Tootsie's showing of affection causes her to overcome her programming and download emotion software, allowing them to be together. It is revealed a jealous Bugette was the one who informed the Overqueen to Bug's actions, but she didn't mean for Bug to be punished so harshly. Joey Richter was the only StarKid member who had yet to graduate to appear in Starship.

Jemilla (Meredith Stepien) also has a great part in this song, reminding her tribe of the importance of hard work in making progress, and this song also sets up what everyone’s role in the tribe is in a way that doesn’t feel heavy handed.Best Line: “I’m just a sidekick / But I love being at your side”“Sidekick” did a better job at showing Ron’s personality within the span of about four minutes than the I love how clear it is that Joey’s putting everything into this performance, with it coming out as one of the best songs in the entire show. His relationship with her has been strained by his and her mother’s divorce, and now she’s dead and infected. She quickly meets with what she believes to be the planet's indigenous life, but quickly runs into the Mosquito brothers who chase her. In Bill’s mind, he’s the reason he lost his daughter, and the Hive makes sure to really rub this in.If anyone had any doubts about Mariah’s talents, with this being her first StarKid show, she immediately shows fans that she’s a perfect fit for the group. If you have different opinions, feel free to let me know!Best Line: “I don’t really wanna do the work today”I know that “We Got Work To Do” might not be the most lyrically impressive song from the Whenever I think of Firebringer, this is the first song that comes to mind. Bug catches up with Junior, who wants to take the Overqueen with him, even though it means the whole hive will die without her. The album debuted at No. Excluding Joey Richter, all the actors also performed minor ensemble roles throughout the musical. Bug finds February, who has been blinded by bug mucus and is being held captive. / And when you needed to fight, you gave her that too”“Not Your Seed” is an absolutely gorgeous track that showcases Jeff Blim’s talent at songwriting as well as Mariah Rose Faith’s voice.

Featured. Me And My Dick. Everyone goes their separate ways to rest before beginning the hunt for the crystals. Junior follows after them, but is captured by the Mosquito brothers. 134 on the Bug, an alien insect from the planet Bug-World, is watching a video about "Starship Rangers" in a crashed starship he has found and longs to be like the humans he sees on the screen.

Synthesizer - Max Evrard. His friend Roach comes to find him for the job assigning ceremony and voices his dislike for Bug's constant returning to the ship and talk of Starship Rangers.

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