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Survivor Season 37 episode 1

Divided into teams, they particiapte in challenges and every three days, the losing tribe must trek to Tribal Council to vote out one of their own. Alison voted against Mike, and everyone else voted against her, sending her to the jury. Davie and Nick found a clue to an advantage, which Nick found with Carl's help; the advantage gave Nick the ability to steal another player's vote at an upcoming Tribal Council, prohibiting them from voting and allowing him to vote twice. Alison played the fake idol, which was tossed into the fire, and Angelina played her real idol but negated no votes. Jeff then cancelled Tribal Council and gave David flint.

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At the Final Tribal Council, Angelina focused on her rice negotiation, deceit and manipulation. On Survivor Season 37 Episode 1, the "David" tribe tries to take down the "Goliath" as a vicious cyclone rips through the castaways emotions on the first day. Elizabeth warned Lyrsa that she was in danger, and she targeted Carl in retaliation.

The morning after Natalia’s blindside, Kara questioned her place in the game and felt like an outcast. Christian and Gabby continued to bond. Jabeni consisted of Angelina, Lyrsa, Mike, Natalie, and Nick. Jeremy then tried to convince Natalie to change her ways, but it only made him want to target her more. Lyrsa tried to turn Mike against Angelina, while Angelina tried to turn Nick against Lyrsa. Nick won immunity again. Tiva consisted of Alison, Christian, Dan, Gabby, and John. Nick edged out Kara for immunity and chose to share his reward with Angelina and Mike.

At the Goliath camp, a paranoid Jeremy held a tribal meeting to put an end to the side conversations happening within the tribe, and his feud with Natalie continued. Throughout the first few days, heavy rain pounded both tribes. After another big blindside, Angelina vowed revenge against the Goliaths for Alec and Kara's votes against her. Mike became wary of Jeremy's behavior, and considered turning against him. Tiva placed first and Jabeni placed second. He also told Christian that Nick possibly had two idols and that he planned to blindside Nick. Nick won his third consecutive immunity challenge. Alec, Dan, Davie, Kara, and Mike won reward.

After Bi left, a tribe swap took place. After a disagreement, Kara distanced herself from Dan. Christian targeted Alison, while Gabby tried to sway Nick and Davie into blindsiding Christian. He then played his real idol on himself but received no votes. After returning from Tribal Council, Bi blamed Gabby for Jessica’s blindside, and Nick played off of that to keep the heat off him. Goliath won the grueling challenge.

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