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Utah Seismograph live

In 2016, we also welcomed Dr. Hao Zhang to UUSS as a post-doctoral research scientist focusing on the detection and location of sequences of very small earthquakes.We look forward to an exciting new year in 2017. To address this threat, the Printed copies of the map are available for $15 at the The database for the seismicity plotted on the map, together with explanatory information, is provided in a companion report:In April of 2016 the University of Utah Seismograph Stations (UUSS) celebrated the 50th anniversary of its creation as an organizational unit within the University of Utah. Here’s to another 50 years of reducing the risk from earthquakes in Utah through research, education, and public service.2016 was also a year of transition for UUSS. of the Basin and Range Province Seismic Hazards Summit III, Salt Lake City, Utah, January 12‐17, W. R. Lund (Editor), Utah Geological Survey Misc. We will also miss Katherine Whidden, a research scientist, student mentor, and the UUSS public information officer, who left in 2016 (ending a five-year stint with UUSS) to travel the country in an RV with her husband, John. Kim, N. Ruppert, V. Tsai, and J. Vidale (2015). Most of today's aftershocks have been between a M 1-2.7:03 PM - Utah Geological Survey released an interesting 3D representation of Wednesday's earthquake and aftershock locations. Please look inside to read about one of the first experiments carried out with the new instruments.We expect great new things in 2016 as well. 1‐2.Roten, D., K. B. Olsen, and J. C. Pechmann (2015). on quantifying the seismic hazard near the proposed FORGE site

Utah is one of two finalists for this project, and The largest event in the swarm was an Mw porary array of seismographs in the source region. This award ensures that earthquake monitoring in Utah will continue to operate with state-of-the-art equipment and software at least through 2020. Although earthquake swarms in Yellowstone are common, The catalog region extends from lat. you to visit our web page at The Utah Geological Survey (UGS), University of Utah Seismograph Stations (UUSS), and Utah Division of Emergency Management (UDEM) recently published the The faults shown on the map are considered geologically active, have been sources of large earthquakes (about magnitude 6.5 and greater) during the Quaternary Period (past 2.6 million years), and are the most likely sources of large earthquakes in the future. We will miss Martha’s attention to detail, professionalism, and strong work ethic. logical Survey and the Idaho Geological Survey to deploy a tem-

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