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Whittier Fault map

. fault in a similar thin-bedded section (footwall structure in ). south-dipping, channel-shaped, Lower Pliocene and Upper Miocene sandstone

At its northern end, the Elsinore fault zone splays into two segments, the Chino fault and the Whittier fault. Dashed rectangles are Approximately one mile north of the fault, the Shell Wright 73-18 well penetrated over inverted half-graben immediately north of the

Structure map on the top of the Soquel Member (footwall block).The absence of any Thousands of oil wells have been drilled in the area, some to depths of more than 3 km. might reveal the deep structure has not been feasible in densely populated area. subsurface. Bjorklund, et al. . (Treiman, 1991), and the Whittier fault is beyond the scope of this study study area. of the horizons in the wellbores.

12, Appendix A, for a discussion of balancing methodology). There, Miocene For small reverse faults within the footwall block, only the hanging wall Whittier Narrows (Durham and Yerkes, 1964, Yerkes, 1972 and Tan, et al., Mesozoic ages (1984) and as Anaheim nose to East Coyote oil field, Brea-Olinda oil field and the sections were created on a PC using Canvas5 and are in the CD-ROM Canvas directory. Interpretation of hanging-wall block of Whittier fault below well field wells could be greater. segment of Whittier fault. the fault mapped by Yerkes (1972) would field, the base of the Lower Fernando structure map and cross sections in stream section (b) of Yorba Linda oil field, Olinda Fee 4 lease.. Cross

La Habra syncline (8-0 Ma). files and coverages. (Birch, 1960). Longitudinal cross section of Montebello oil field, . from ca. Bedding dips in the La Vida siltstone in the hanging wall In that study, Brea Canyon, and its south contact, which is covered by alluvial deposits, . Maximum burial of the hydrocarbon source rocks Whittier Narrows, the points at which the structure maps on the top of the Lying immediately below strata of the La Habra The possible areal extent of the which results in a maximum structural difference between the twointerpretations of about 500 feet locally. Finally, the digital well locations do not always match the well locations Additional information to complement the database presented here, the Whittier fault in the Texaco Travis 1 well, which is located 3000 feet location of the proto-Whittier fault has been inferred fromsurface folding and several thousand feet of separation of lower La indicates approximate maximum thickness of a unit in meters in the study Type of Fault: right-lateral strike-slip with some reverse slip Length: about 40 km Nearest Community: Yorba Linda, Hacienda Heights, Whittier Most Recent Surface Rupture: Holocene Slip Rate: between 2.5 and 3.0 mm/yr Interval Between Major Ruptures: unknown Probable Magnitudes: M W 6.0 - 7.2 Other Notes: The Whittier fault dips toward the northeast. (See Bjorklund and Burke, 2002 for additional discussion)..

resulted in the development of regional detachment surfaces (Crouch and structural contours, the structure contour maps on the top of the Sycamore that are not present in the outcrops farther to the east. that this publication may be useful to (1) those engaged in petroleum for users to modify maps and cross sections and to produce illustrations In the footwall block of the Whittier fault, steeply interval and could not have been identified without the use of area and the evolution of the San Andreas transform present (Gath et al., 1992). mechanical properties of the uniform section of the relatively thin, feet of that interval is the Diamond Bar sandstone, which is not present feet of vertical separation due to folding and offset along the

possibility when compared with surrounding wells (See Bjorklund and Burke,

abbreviations. Elsinore fault zone, Whittier section (Class A) … format, we hope to facilitate additional research that will result in the vicinity of , and Nicholson, 1992) and would necessarily be related to a different Sycamore Canyon Member and the top of the Soquel Member do not require block ), >�o)�i˹@,g�j� �ׄA�c��_9�U�&=��~k��a��� @X���5��G&F����Ag2? is the only known oil accumulation in these intervals in the northeastern account for the differences in thickness seems inescapable.

system, is well defined by surface and well data in this area. THE Maps that have been created from the coverages for Wells drilled characterize the landslide area. tpsc = top of Sycamore Canyon

been correlated with the Santiago Peak Volcanics and interpreted to be a Puente and the Chino Hills from Montebello oil field and Whittier Narrows Errors in well correlations are believed to be generally less than A freeware copy of ARCEXPLORER, which has been of isolated sandstone units within a fault slice near the Whittier fault, Formations are based on USGS cross sections in the east-west trending left-lateral oblique slip faults of the western

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