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These data points come out of that research.For more information on how our Learning Science team conducts their research or to check out new findings Pre-built assignments include a variety of activities to engage students both inside and outside of class.Achieve was designed for students of all levels of motivation and preparedness, whether they are high achievers or need extra support.The instructor and student experience is the heart of Achieve, from our initial development, to the ease of use, to the expert customer support.Achieve offers an e-book, course- and book-specific resources, gradebook, LearningCurve adaptive quizzing, assessment tools, insights and reporting, and integration options. Four years ago we set out to take the best features of each solution and marry them into a platform that is intuitive and flexible. Free materials and expert tips on how to make the most of teaching and learning remotely Share It!

Visit our community to connect with our faculty consultants.We have had a large number of students and instructors try out Achieve so far.

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Student App on Navio includes gamified language practice in immersive 3D worlds that encourages students to repeat activities, creating opportunities for better language acquisition.The Workbook provides reinforcement of the Student Book lessons' content, and can be used in class or as homework.

Progress Tracker at the end of every unit helps students self-assess their achievements. If they do well on a topic, then they are all set.

It also makes learning more engaging for young learners who achieve rewards by completing game-based language activities.Macmillan Education The Classroom Presentation Kit in the Teacher App helps to deliver stimulating lessons, while the Student App on Navio, with gamified language practice, motivates learners to repeat activities and achieve better learning outcomes.

All students engage with Read & Practice at a relatively high rate, and students less motivated to succeed engage at a higher rate than those more motivated:The average rate of engagement with assigned activities was 71%.The average rate of meeting the target with assigned activities was 71%.Retaking quizzes for practice supports student academic performance, regardless of their level of academic preparedness and baseline level of motivation: If a student retakes at least one quiz for practice, they can expect that, on average, The more engagement a student had with Read & Practice, the higher they could expect their average exam score over the course of the semester to be and the higher they could expect their final course grade to be.

It provides teachers with a seamless transition between the coursebook and digital teaching activities. I use Achieve in my Calculus 1 and Calculus 2 courses. It also makes learning more engaging for young learners who achieve rewards by completing game-based language activities. With the McMillan PRO Runkit, you have access to my coaching and training videos so you can train smart, stay injury free and learn how I help runners of all abilities race faster.

Congratulations to the winners of our Spring 2020 Driven to #AchieveMore contest! Technology, Digital & Operations Additional activities in Word Work sections reinforce the new vocabulary introduced in each unit.Teacher Edition comes with access code to the Teacher App. We’re very proud to announce that our the IELTS Skills app has been named by The English-Speaking Union (ESU) as winner of the prestigious 2013 President’s. It provides teachers with a seamless transition between the coursebook and digital teaching activities. Receive reminder and change notifications regarding upcoming classes and prebooked appointments. Young learner expert Sarah Hillyard offers her tips and advice for teaching young learners how to collaborate, as well as suggesting activities that can help them learn through collaboration.

Click Read e-Book on VitalSource Bookshelf. From your Achieve course page If you are in an Achieve course that has an e-book available for download, you should see options to Read e-Book on VitalSource Bookshelf and Download e-Book App from App Store after clicking the drop-down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner of the page.

In this webinar, Nick Beare deals with why it’s so important for students to have fluency practice and how to achieve it. Sign into Achieve … IELTS SKILLS APP WINS 2013 ESU PRESIDENT’S AWARD.

Navio is a new digital platform that accompanies Macmillan Education’s English language courses for young learners. This is what they told us: 87% Share It! Our Learning Science and Insights team helped guide the design and development process with the latest research and efficacy results from testing. Advice on using technology with students: Technology is a tool used to enhance class instruction, compliment what your doing in the classroom, promote active learning, and add variety to the students learning experience.

The Teacher App includes the Classroom Presentation Kit with integrated audio, video and interactive activities,helping to deliver stimulating lessons. Why? 06 December 2013; Celebrating 10 years of digital expertise.

Nurturing a sense of empathy, where everyone’s progress is valued, the course instils a growth mindset in students, enabling them to achieve more in their learning. This year, Macmillan English Campus turns 10.

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