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241. Imperial Outpost-Aden. The Aden Protectorate (Arabic: محمية عدن‎ Maḥmiyyat ‘Adan) was a British protectorate in southern Arabia which evolved in the hinterland of the port of Aden and in the Hadramaut following the conquest of Aden by Great Britain in 1839, and it continued until the 1960s. The Kingdom of Yemen existed under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Note: By the Government of India Act of 2 Aug 1935 (effective 1 Apr 1937), Aden was dis-annexed from British India and split into two parts (1) the Colony of Aden and the (2) Aden Protectorate.

In 1938, Britain signed an advisory treaty with the Nationalist pressure prodded the threatened rulers of the Aden Protectorate states to revive efforts at forming a federation and, on 11 February 1959, six of them signed an accord forming the The Emergency was precipitated in large part by a wave of Nasser had only limited success in spreading his pan-Arabist doctrines through the Arab world, with his 1958 attempt to unify Egypt and By 1963 and in the ensuing years, anti-British guerrilla groups with varying political objectives began to coalesce into two larger, rival organisations: first the Egyptian-supported Nevertheless, deadly guerrilla attacks particularly by the NLF soon resumed against British forces, with the British leaving Aden by the end of November 1967, earlier than had been planned by British Prime Minister This article is about the protectorate in the Yemeni hinterland.

1959. p. 241

J. Liebensy. 1955. p.241.Spencer Mawby. Contemporary Review 195. 26-ago-2015 - Jeremy Matthews descrubrió este Pin.

Flag of the Hadhrami people The origin of the name "Ḥaḍramawt" is not exactly known, and there are numerous competing hypotheses about its meaning.

"The Jewish Exodus from Yemen and Aden." In the federation, Aden colony was to have 24 seats on the new council, while each of the eleven sultanates was to have six.

Chatham House Essay Series. I.O.

On 18 January 1963, the colony was reconstituted as the Many of the problems that Aden had suffered in its time as a colony did not improve on federation. Some such as the Mahra Sultanate barely had any functioning administration.The Eastern Protectorate (ca.

Primary and Intermediate education was conducted in Arabic while Secondary and independent schools conducted their lessons in Arabic, English, After 1937, the economy of Aden continued to be largely dependent on the city's role as an entrepôt for East-West trade. that were separate protectorates.Records of the British Administration in Aden, 1839-1967 ( J. Gavin. 'Aden port faced by staff crisis', The Times, March 22, 1967Colonial Reports. For the Province of the British Raj, see The Union Jack was the most common flag even though each state flew its own flag.The plural (Aden Protectorates) is also frequently found since it was an amalgamation of sultanates, etc. However, in October 1958 there was a general strike, which was accompanied by widespread rioting and disorder which ended in the deportation of 240 Yemenis from Aden, as claimed by author Gillian King: "By ignoring the views of the local labour force, the British pushed much of the Arab population into opposition against their rule, who previously had been by no means captivated by At the time much of the blame for these disturbances was placed on the broadcasts from Radio Cairo encouraged by Nasser's anti-imperialist and Arab Nationalist regime there, as claimed by author R. J. Gavin: "Radio Cairo began to speak in the tones of revolutionary Arab Nationalism. For the Province of the British Raj, see The plural (Aden Protectorates) is also frequently found since it was an amalgamation of sultanates, etc. The Royalist also visited each of the Ellice Islands, and Captain Davis was requested by islanders to raise the British flag, but he did not have instructions to declare the Ellice Islands as a protectorate. 1964E. In 1940 it was divided for administrative purposes into the Western Protectorate and the Eastern Protectorate. They used the Lahej emblem although they were drawn from all parts of the Protectorate. These structures replaced the British Colony of Aden and the Aden Protectorate.

Their status was rarely advertised while it was in effect, it becoming clear only after it was lifted.For the period during the Commonwealth of England, see Lakshmi Iyer, "Direct versus indirect colonial rule in India: Long-term consequences." 1959. p. p.332N. that were separate protectorates.Records of the British Administration in Aden, 1839-1967 (

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