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The group has had a variety of materializations and talks from those in the afterlife. His criticism of my Blog was posted on the website of his Rather than publish it as just another Comment, I think it is important that Thompson’s views are not buried among the many other opinions that have been expressed, and for that reason I am treating it as a new topic. David Thompson, physical medium, rebuts an unfair report critical of his mediumship. Our team is here to help you and create lifelong memories!This special tour is offered only by Navi - enjoy unmissable 2 famous destination just for a day! The form was introduced because a New York lawyer stated that if he was allowed to attend he would do a football tackle onto the materialised spirit. I had a quick look at the list and did not object to anyone – even Roy Stemman who is on record for having been sceptical of my mediumship before the séance. Both my feet were strapped in. Tony has gone on record that he was very happy with the survival evidence. The group then heard the voices of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Louis Armstrong, and Gandhi. David had been bound to his chair by the wrists and ankles. Is this not the best kind of survival evidence? David Thompson rebuts A Skeptic .

I don’t deny that physical mediumship is so logically impossible to people who have not studied it that their minds go into turmoil trying to find whether it is a trick. He writes: ” At the last sitting in August this year my partner came thru with some …evidential stuff including the name of a friend’s dog and an analogy about barriers dividing loved ones concerning something we disagreed about in life -the Berlin Wall.

14) The report claims that David Fontana offered no survival evidence when he would have been acutely aware of the need for such evidence. The deceased father of one of the sitters spoke and gave his daughter an exquisite jeweled butterfly that she now has. A spirit claiming to be Harry Houdini came through – as a visitor – just a few times in 2007 and has not done so since and all visits were recorded.

He is from Auckland, New Zealand. Don’t apply to attend a séance that is clearly stated as being held in the dark on the protocol forms.

The only thing I did was scan everyone with the metal detector and seat people (see next point). This is important so that they will take seriously their obligations and know that they will be held legally accountable for their behavior and cannot plead ignorance afterwards. Materialization mediums have historically had to put up with lies, distortions and personal attacks. Jack, one of William’s team on the other side, materialized, walked to Ms. Persson, and shook hands with her. It is alleged that he exudes He is gagged and tied to a chair with "plastic cable ties" during his séances which are hosted in total darkness.He claims to have frequently talked with a spirit guide called William Charles Cadwell, born in London in 1830.

A David Thompson séance reported by renowned physical medium Stewart Alexander.

UPDATED 10th and 13th September I’m delighted to report that British-born physical medium David Thompson has responded to my report on a “materialisation” séance I attended last month.

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