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Enjoy a host of benefits on dining, shopping, travel and entertainment throughout the year with ICICI Bank Coral American Express Credit Card. We cover fees, features and more.

)LTF for > 12Lakh, is it for first year only ? i see their acceptance is very low in common areas offlineEver thought you could swipe for 4 transactions in Paytm for loading 4*1000=4000 rupees and use the money almost everywhere.It will work on Amazonpay too.Hi sid, would like to know if I go for Amex MRCC card or travel card. pls help!You can place the request and then you could purchase or purchase and place the request it would all one and the same. This looks too good to be true and I think something is amiss. Don’t trust an ATM to do your currency conversion.American Express offers a strong selection of preferred cards for the international traveler.

If u can spend more than 4L then it makes sense to go for travel card. Hence spending the required amount of Rs. It seems to reward the people who spend less but pretty frequently. Look at other services like NoBroker etc for using AmexHi sid, your reviews are extremely through and kudos to your painstaking efforts. I got 48000 points within 13 months by applying for Add-On cards with 2000 points for each Add-On card and referral for my wife when 8000 points were provided for each referral. So with 4 transactions you can maximum earn 4k points . For the rest 1k points 2 points per 100 ( I understand that wallet loads won’t be considered fuel utilities will be ignored ) . This can also be a purchase that you make online. At this point, I am thinking I will give this one a missThe more cards you have the more trauma you have.

The important thing to keep in mind is that different cards are suited to different spending habits. I had applied for SBI Prime and qualified for that too but SBI wanted me to close SBI Simply Click as they have policy to issue only one card.
My question is – if I use this Amex Rewards card on fuel spends or Paytm wallet for more than Rs. I also want to know that how many complimentary lounge access is provided by this card and can wife & kids avail the same in this card.Membership rewards card is free for salary 15lac and above, however i think at the time of application the relevant promo code should have been applied?Alternatively u can spend Rs.1.5L to get the fees waived off.No lounge access for this card. When you travel to a foreign country, you need to have your cash exchanged into the native currency before you can spend it. I have never paid attention to my spending patterns, rewards, benefits etc.. but this blog was an eye opener. Yes, someone seem to have copied our content and re-written there with some bots.Any idea where AMEX card is accepted in Hyderabad. For Gold u will get 1000 points for 6*1000 transactions and you need to pay in full as this is a charge get 1000 points for sure.. i have tried that for few months now.. Amex is very transparent in showing each transaction and how many points did you earn…Supplementary card has to be used to get BMS voucher…Thank for your efforts for giving in-depth reviews about credit cards and their features.
So at the end I would have 17k points . So overall, American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card with its low joining fee is one of the best ways to get access to Amex network offers and other Privileges, like, their customer service is super friendly. Features: American Express: HDFC bank: Joining fees – Nil: Annual fees *Platinum Reserve Credit Card : 1 st year Rs 5000 plus applicable tax, 2 nd. But smart travelers need to be careful with ATMs.First, if you are traveling from another country, an ATM will often give you the option of receiving a payout in your home currency.

I got the card for the same reason and didn’t get those extra 1k points on the companion rewards card. You will get only 1000 RP for the combined 4 transactions of primary and add-on card. I liked the card and would not have applied for the same had i not come across your website. On the basis of earlier card they issued me MRCC card. Can you now imagine what kind of savings Amex cards can get you?Meanwhile, its a contactless card, which enables you to make purchases just with a tap and no PIN required on purchases done less than Rs.2000. Also instead of spending 90000 for 50% waiver I have a card with 2250 renewal for life.Can anyone help me out whether wallet loadings like Amazon Pay / Paytm are counted for 1000 Bonus Points. And also got 3X credit limit of my monthly salary.I also applied for AMEX card 2 months back and got LTF Gold credit card. 2.7% of each transaction after conversion to US dollars. I am now heavily inclined to make them my primary card. I have that limit on my LTF MRCC card and cant get it increased further even by transferring from my Jet card which has a limit of 6 Lakhs. They aren’t a flat fee, like a few dollars, but a percentage of your purchase. So you can get 2000 points from both cards combined for 8 transactions each of 1000 and above 4 on each card.Yes, Welcome/renewal offers are given only when the fee is paid.Transactions done on Companion card do not count for 1000 bonus points, nor there are separate 1000 pointsyou have got a gold credit card not a membership rewards card.

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