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We would not be selling our recording rights, we would be licensing selected recordings for a term. MAILING LIST. During that meeting, Rebecca was keen to take AJ on and she said to me, ‘Are you going to be managing him?’ And AJ was like, ‘Are you?’ And that was basically it. I don’t think you’d be allowed to be quite so spontaneous if you’re a signed artist.“I’m a big believer in consistency in art. See our Andy Musgrave is a manager, and works at Supernature. The fact is that the minute you get paid for what you do, you have started a business whether you intended to or not. We can see the monthly royalty statement and we can do the math, so we can say, ‘Hang on, the amount of money we were being offered six months ago we’re now turning over in the space of two, three months’.”There are ideologies that still drive the major labels that, in my opinion, don’t fit very harmoniously with the idea of artistic independence. [ADA] handle the sales conversations, do the delivery and product stuff. When most people are probably off on holiday, I’m just here pulling my hair out trying to get everything in order.”Musgrave’s methodology is based on team Supernature’s acute awareness of seasonal public perception in the modern age.

Both visually, musically, a consistent message is really important, but I came to learn with AJ that the consistency doesn’t have to be in the genre or a visual style.”You’d be pushed down a route of trying to fall into a certain sound or to be putting records out that sound like the last one. Tracks Of The Week // May 11th. For me it’s about helping the artist to reach their goals, whatever they may be.If that is financial gain, cool we’ll go for that, but in a lot of cases I have artists whose dream is to be able to sit at home and create art – to live a comfortable, humble life and just be a working artist.“My approach to this is, and I feel like this is how all managers should approach their work, it should always be absolutely 100% geared towards achieving the goals of the artist. If I’d had my way, he would have performed with Dave. I wasn’t aware enough.Then one day Murlo actually said to me, ‘I sent some beats to that AJ Tracey.’ I was like, ‘Really?’ Because Chris [Pell aka Murlo] is notoriously selective about who he wants to work with.

Andy Musgrave Senior Sales Consultant at Boodles & Patek Philippe Manager. It’s driven by the internet, it’s not really driven by the audience there, but if you can get a good clip of a song going off at a festival it can go mad.The view counts we’ve been getting on videos from festivals this year have been crazy. WhatsApp. Andy Musgrave is a manager, and works at Supernature. It keeps people guessing.

You could argue that he’s played a big part in creating this moment for everybody. “Our bigger projects actually benefit the smaller projects, it gives us a legitimacy.”It's genuinely an alternative to finding a record deal“It's genuinely an alternative to finding a record deal,” said Musgrave. There’s some great people heading up certain labels. We provide email, phone, address, along with clients info for thousands of entertainment professionals.

Black music is right at the forefront [today] and I don’t think it’s a phase; it’s here to stay in the same way that it happened in America however many decades ago.I believe that black music is finally embedding itself in British culture and it’s amazing to see. Sometimes it’ll work and sometimes it won’t but I’d much rather be in a position of being able to accommodate those things than being in a label deal where we don’t get a say.

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But I came to accept that’s who he is as an artist and that he connects with people brilliantly; the unpredictable nature of what he does musically is one of his biggest assets. I want people to know that it’s totally doable if you’ve got that tenacity and if you can just find the self belief as a new artist…”He was training in visual art at the same time, and then went to study graphic design in Bristol in around 2003.

View the profiles of professionals named "Andy Musgrave" on LinkedIn. Speaking the schedule may be subject to change. He’s become a passionate advocate for artists choosing an independent route to market.He argues that “streaming has created the potential for a healthy career” for any musician who has the patience required. And then the opening weeks of 2019, where we were quickly getting the last bits delivered, yeah, it’s quite a process.You come to understand why so many people [are employed] at labels when you realize how many people’s jobs you’re doing as an individual.

I want people to know that it’s totally doable if you’ve got that tenacity and if you can just find the self belief as a new artist…”Philosophy? “Do you think a record label would’ve allowed us to put that amount of work into a UK garage record?” asks Musgrave of Ladbroke Grove. Musgrave manages Tracey through his company Supernature, which is expanding into label services. Latest Music Business Jobs.

The earlier you think about these things, the more likely you are to succeed. AJ and Andy’s achievements speak for themselves Paul Pacifico, AIM I always say this, but I’d much rather the artist was able to make the decision and be wrong, than [for them] to have no say and lose control of their own ship.

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