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So, I feel as though it's my duty to shine light on these fashion icons. I completely agree with her when she says that she was “simply a little too young” to appreciate her mother fully (Quindlen 32). You then wonder if “all the good [you] remember… is simply wishful thinking” (Quindlen 32). Death always seems to come when life is good and everything starts to be going alright. The stages of grief don't always go in order, they come in waves or all at once. ... Quindlen contrast her dismissed qualities and her deeper nurturing abilities. I understand because I did not get to have my dad be apart of my adult life and truly appreciate him as a person and my father. Although it was tough to have everyone see me as a “half orphan,” it took so much weight off of me because I never had to tell anyone, they just knew. It was time of daring fashion choices and red carpets that we now look back on and say, "what were theyA sector of people that exemplifies the fashion icons who ruled the 2000s, were Black women. Ms. Quindlen takes a stand for grieving children in her piece “Mothers” and gives them a voice that they would not normally get. Please take care of my mother and my young brother. Some people, like myself, are forced to carry a burden, called grief, at much too young of an age and Anna Quindlen beautifully represents these underdogs in her piece of literature titled “Mothers.” People who do not know to appreciate their fathers make me upset. It should be between the mother, her religion, her conscious, and her God. Ms. Quindlen takes on the role of narrator and explains to the audience, who presumably have parents, the life of a parentless child. Their sons Quindlen Krovatin and Christopher … It is not often until much later in your adult life, possibly even when you have your own children, that you realize all that your parents have done and continue to do for you. It's from years back. ... Quindlen, Anna. Grief never comes when you think it should. Ms. Quindlen uses harsh language when she says that she no longer wishes “to murder them” (Quindlen 31). Mothers are able to make their own decisions. When you’re a teenager, you have no idea the amount of love and sacrifice goes into being a parent. ...Her mother regarded her someone else's problem as soon as she got married. Writing stile of Anna Quindlen had made reading of this book agonizing and treacherous.

Bobby's mother may have sensed that Bobby was abusing her but always stayed by his side. You realize a little too late all that your parent has done for you and find out that they aren’t going to be able to do that for you anymore. Whether it’s seeing people with their dads or watching a television show with a dad on it; I am reminded that he’s missing important as well as insignificant things in my life.As seen in “Mothers,” life has a funny way of making you remember heartbreaking things at the most inopportune times. They say that when someone you love dies, waking up in the morning is like losing them all over again but I never experienced that until I came to college. "The reality is, there's no part of life the pandemic hasn't affected.

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