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The point was to demonstrate the party’s power to proclaim and promulgate a falsehood.

A good example of this narrative is an article by journalist and historian Anne Applebaum in The fact that the political Left has had control over the Voice of America for about ten years and inserted its propaganda in violation of the VOA Charter seems to have totally escaped Anne Applebaum’s attention.

Feb 22, 2016 ... every Democrat … Anonymous was not alone. Neither had to answer to voters, or to donors. To put it differently (and to echo my colleague Adam Serwer): The chaos in Portland is not an accident. In the 1950s, when an insect known as the Colorado potato beetle appeared in Eastern European potato fields, Soviet-backed governments in the region triumphantly claimed that it had been dropped from the sky by American pilots, as a deliberate form of biological sabotage. Fiona Hill—an immigrant success story and a true believer in the American Constitution—was not afraid to testify at the House’s impeachment hearings, nor was she afraid to speak out against Republicans who were promulgating a false story of Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election. The truth is that the Obama Administration era appointees and USAGM and the Voice of America were exceedingly soft on China (Radio Free Asia was not and Applebaum gives RFA praise it deserves) and even fired some strongly anti-communist VOA Mandarin Service journalists under the pretext that they did not give Chinese communist officials a sufficient opportunity to respond to accusations from a Chinese anti-regime whistleblower. Mendes also did not endear himself to the bureaucracy.

They drove out to Wolf’s house, “a fine villa in the neighborhood of Lake Glienicke.” They took a walk around the lake, and Wolf warned Leonhard that changes were coming. But when examined together, they require some deeper explanation. He had a background in “hauling and shipping agricultural commodities.”The inclination to remain silent or to acquiesce in the presence of the great men—to live to fight another day, to give on this issue so that you can be “effective” on later issues—is overwhelming. Sometimes the point isn’t to make people believe a lie—it’s to make people fear the liar.These kinds of lies also have a way of building on one another. BBG Watch and USAGM Watch are published by volunteers. On the contrary, it focused attention in the wrong place.Instead of debating freedom of speech in Iran, here we are once again talking about freedom of speech in America, a subject we know a lot more about. The president’s abuse of military aid to Ukraine and his attacks on civil servants suggested not a patriotic White House, but a president focused on his own interests. The email provided a lengthy recitation of Mr. Pack’s resume. They will see, more clearly than we can, the path that led the U.S. into a historic loss of international influence, into economic catastrophe, into political chaos of a kind we haven’t experienced since the years leading up to the Civil War. His initial moves to recast the agency’s cadre of appointed officials has enflamed the Left even further. First Trump’s enablers accepted lies about the inauguration; now they accept terrible tragedy and the loss of American leadership in the world.

In his electrician-training classes, one of the other students pulled him aside and warned him, subtly, that the Stasi was collecting information on him: “It’s not necessary that you tell me all the things you have in mind.” He was eventually allowed to emigrate, in May 1989, just a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall.In America we also have our Marianne Birthlers, our Marko Martins: people whose families taught them respect for the Constitution, who have faith in the rule of law, who believe in the importance of disinterested public service, who have values and role models from outside the world of the Trump administration. Anne Applebaum. Differences between sexes are important to me. And Leonhard understood, finally, that he was a functionary in an occupied country where the Soviet Communist Party, not the German Communist Party, had the last word.Famously, or perhaps infamously, Markus Wolf’s career continued to flourish after that. The process usually begins slowly, with small changes. Anne Applebaum and other Left-leaning journalists and pundits studiously avoid any reference to this and the fact that it was so described by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a Democrat. Indeed, some would argue that the agency pays lip service to the process, but not the substance.The agency has gotten sloppy with content it posts to its English website. Trump does not need VOA for his political propaganda.

It is worse now. I don’t like trigger warnings and whatever is going on at the American and Anglo-Saxon universities.Schmidt: In Germany.

In this instance, the trigger was a reposting of a story from a third-party news service but the VOA Mandarin Service also posted several lengthy videos of Chinese regime propagandists without any attached rebuttals. After all, the Communist parties of Eastern Europe—or, if you want a more recent example, the Chavistas in Venezuela—all advertised themselves as advocates of equality and prosperity even though, in practice, they created inequality and poverty.

Following its passage, he had to make a series of seemingly insignificant choices.

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