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In my post, I have used the words ‘specific’ and ‘non-specific’ a lot. another vs. other. Here, the word other is used in the sense of ‘supplementary’ and hence, the meaning of the sentence would be ‘include supplementary lessons too for the examination’.• The word another is used in the sense of ‘one more’ or ‘a different’.• On the other hand, the word other is used in the sense of ‘new’ or ‘additional’. Thank You soooo much for your help! He’s speaking like it’s 1975 and there are only two channels.

In practice, the two phrases are interchangeable. (cup is singular so we use another) I need other cups.

Could you please give an example for it?For example: (The other luggage will be received by this time tomorrow.) He wants another one, but he hasn’t said (or it isn’t clear or important) which one. {{#verifyErrors}} “Each Other” or “One Another”? Hint: If you understand English articles (“a/an/the”), then think of “another” as “an + other.” You can use “another” before a noun whenever you can use “a(n)” before a noun. One another definition is - each other.

Difference between other and another is confusing to many as these two words seem very alike. Thanks! On the other hand, the word other is used in the sense of ‘new’ or ‘additional’. Difference between other and another is confusing to many as these two words seem very alike. Gracias mil¡Okay, I came here because I ran into this sentence in a novel. (cups is plural so we use other) I need others. thanks for your perfect explanationGood Very good but you have to increase that again and again just it for you thanks ! You can only use 'the other' to refer to the last letter AFTER mentioning the first two because it is the only one that remains; it must be the one you are talking about.

You don’t see it written without one (nowadays at least).in this topic is complete plz I request u mention the proper definition andexample of other ,anotherpAccording to Cambridge Dictionary we have to always use “another” before numbers, like Wayne said in the comment number 2: “There are 5 horses in this stable and another 3 [horses] in that stable.” But, if we said for example,”I want to buy the other three horses(I know the horses I’m talking about)Cambridge Dictionary is not accurate, I think.I have seen two mistakes in my last comment. One is a doctor, one is a dentist, andthe other + specific noun (singular, plural, countable or uncountable) However, if you want to use good English then you should remember that both other and another are to be construed as different words with different meanings.

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