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8,31 € Arabel is very busy keeping “Nevermore!”-croaking raven Mortimer happy while he steals keys, visits a zoo, investigates a sewing machine and rides a unicycle.   | Crazy adventures of a girl and her raven. Procurez-vous dès maintenant les livres audio de la série Arabel and Mortimer sur …

  Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. They get into all sorts of fixes, but end up on top, often catching robbers and stuff.

  11,23 € 8,33 € 6,23 € This item is in stock and will be dispatched immediately.   | 255g 7,43 € Penguin Random House Children's UK   Liebevoll geschrieben mit viel albern-subversiven Humor. 7,72 € We’d love your help.

"these are very entertaining books about a crow named mortimer's adventures. 8,41 € Joan Aiken's best-selling children's stories are brought to life with puppets - a three-dimensional realisation of Quentin Blake's original illustrations.    

An entertaining kids book - perfect for summer reading. Welcome back. You can learn more about our use of cookies We use cookies and similar tools, including those used by approved third parties (collectively, "cookies") for the purposes described below. If yes, it's probably best to stay clear of this book thanks to the antics of Mortimer, the mischievous raven who belongs to Arabel.

  Hilarious, sweet, satiric, and utterly British, these stories are a delight to read--they really brighten a bad day!Some books are much funnier to children than to adults and I think this is one of them. 8,81 € )Fans of Arabel and Mortimer & Their Madcap AdventuresArabel Jones and her raven companion, Mortimer, return in this second collection of short stories, following the initial title, Arabel Jones and her raven companion, Mortimer, return in this second collection of short stories, following the initial title, I just love Joan Aiken so much, and I had such happy memories of reading the Arabel and Mortimer stories when I was about 12. Much like Mortimer eats up hats, donuts, and the ruby from Excalibur in this second collection of Arabel & Mortimer stories, "Mortimer's Tie," "The Spiral Staircase," and "Mortimer and the Sword Excalibur." 7,70 € 129   8,47 € 7,51 € Fun read with the girls!

Chris Cross comes to babysit preschooler Arabel Jones and her pet raven Mortimer but, this being an Arabel and Mortimer book, mayhem naturally ensues. 7,05 €   By (author)    She was known as a writer of wild fantasy, Gothic novels and short stories. Arabel and Mortimer Stories. Mortimer and Arabel is a BBC puppet comedy-drama series based on the book series of the same name by Joan Aiken (1924-2004) that was aired on BBC One as part of the Children's BBC strand (as it was known before October 4, 1997) from November 15, 1993 to December 21, 1994.

Omnibus edition of six previously-published stories: containing: ‘Arabel’s Raven’, ‘The Escaped Black Mamba’, ‘The Bread Bin’, 'Mortimer's Tie', 'The Spiral Stair' and 'Mortimer and the Sword Excalibur'.With illustrations in black & white by Quentin Blake. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of   Mortimer is back for more adventures: on a cruise, at a zoo, and in a neighbour’s backyard. It's hard to even choose a favorite between "Mortimer's Tie" which finds his owners, the Joneses, taking a cruise, and Mortimer feuding with the cruise ship's entertainment in the form of a snooty singer; and "The Spiral Staircase," where Arabel and Mortimer foil a zoo heist whilst Mortimer revenges himself on some giraffes who stole his donuts.

The comedy of errors plays itself out, of course, and all's well that ends well, but potential tragedy stalks our hapless innocents because this, after all, is a Joan Aiken book. 44,26 €  

  Mortimer only knows how to say one word....."Nevermore"book 2 of 5 in joan aiken's arabel + mortimer seriesJoan Aiken was a much loved English writer who received the MBE for services to Children's Literature. Arabel and her notorious raven Mortimer make a welcome return to the Puffin nest!

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