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atum inventory documentation

You just deleted our entire inventory of product on all three variations. So, if we add more/new stock to a variation, that stock might cost more or less at time of purchase, it would be cool to reflect that.We hope to have the launch version out by Friday next week.Answer to your question is yes, that will of course come, if not at launch, most definitely this year. We'll fix it. This site is best viewed in a modern browser with JavaScript enabled.

What is the setting, pls?We have found the bug and will fix it now. I can't even give the variation a price. As, when I went back to add the inventory back, I found I had to re-enable it.I would like to inform you that we didn't enter your site as yesterday was holyday here and didn't have time to do that. It didn't, the Stock Central still showed zero stock in the selected inventories.So, I'm thinking you guys created a new bug. But, if we check that management switch to enabled in the "Inventory" tab, everything goes out of stock on that product for every variation, though it shows it all in stock in the Product List, Product Admin Page, and Stock Central.Is that supposed to happen? "Okay, so maybe another bug. Makes no sense and I advise you, pls, read the WooCommerce documentation.Anyway, if you set the "Manage Stock" at variable level on as you said and enable the Multi-Inventory for all the variations and remembering to enable the "Manage Stock" at inventory level for at least one of them with stock, the variable "Manage Stock" won't be used at all by Multi-Inventory, as this add-on only takes care of the inner inventories and not to the WC stock settings.Please, learn how WooCommerce, ATUM and Multi-Inventory work before creating panic about bugs that are no bugs at all. I try either "Save Changes" or "update" and neither get the price to stay.Or, can you make a demo with a working Variable Product? 2; 1; 1 month ago.

The screenshot below is side by side of two browsers. You guys constantly reference this informative page:I'm not sure you guys realize some of your referenced pages in the plug-in are buggy.

Look at atum-1.jpg and atum-2.jpg.The first is the product list, showing Bottle 7 is in stock.

MI is a complex plugin with a lot of options for a wide variety of users, so I will ask you some questions to make sure I know where you are.No product stock controlled is destroyed - I am sure when the full documentation and video tutorials are released it will be a piece of cake.PS: I need you to tell me exactly what you are trying to achieve as this discussion started with one thing and you jumped to another.Here is a breakdown. And no "Out of Stock" alert on pages.And I have been trying to use your documentation. I have:The first thing.

I think I am with you now.They way you would want to manage and that you are in WooCommerce makes things little, but just little complicated.In your case if I got you right you need each box within the variation to have controlled on its own (as each you need location for).

2; 2; 1 month, 1 week ago. None of the above seems as a bug right now. "Thank you very much for the update, but for sure if you have the option on and do not enter stock it will stay out of stock. With it unchecked, the product is showing as available again.If going to do more bug-testing, let us know so we can back up the site/database again beforehand.Actually, I forgot I tried to "Increase Stock" after "Reducing Stock", in hopes it would undo the reduction. This is how WC works.Please, allow me to take this opportunity to speak to all users that read this post:Thanks for the response.

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