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bank holiday pay ireland

If you work full-time hours normally and you worked on the public holiday, you should get one of the following:1. Do you meet this condition?Yes I work 8 hours every week. So for example if you have 2 days annual leave in that week and you are paid 8 hours per day, you should count it as 16 hours in that week. Is that correct and is the relevant period reckoned up to 31/12. In Ireland, we receive 9 yearly public holidays which are listed below. I worked on many bank holidays 12 hours shfit. Regarding the bank holiday which fell on Easter Monday, if you worked 40 hours in the 5 weeks leading up to it, you would be eligible to benefit from it regardless of working on the day it fell or not. You have been off work for more than 26 weeks due to an ordinary illness or an accident, or Work place was closed for public holidays and annual holidays over Christmas and New Year but I wasn’t paid for any of those days. I m working full time shifts on hours 23-07, my flat rate is 9.55e andHi, if I am a part-time employee, I am on annual leave from 21Dec.2017 to 04 Jan 2018, I do not have an contract, do I have to be paid for bank holiday 25,26Dec. On a normal working day “Employee B” receives €200.

I am just curious everyone is saying its tripple pay for xmas day is that so or can anybody help on what i am entitled tooAs a salaried employee, am I entitled to a day off for a Public holiday if I didn’t work on that Public Holiday.Hi i work part time but Stephens day fell on one of my work days so can you tell me if i was entitled to a full days pay because of that and also i work a on commission and basic rate but only get One fifth of my basic pay for my bank holiday days is this correct or should i be getting one fifth of both basic and commission togetherThe regulations state that workers should get one fifth of average pay – including commission.Hi I work Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday every week , my employer decided to close New Year’s Day , which was a Wednesday, I got paid a percentage for that day , am I entitled to a full days pay .They only are obliged to give you your normal pay for New Years Day .Hi i work part time 20 hrs my employer said im not entitled to any bank holiday pay for xmas day st Stephens day and new years they have rostered days to make up my 20 hrs as I work Mon Wed Fri just wondering can they not pay me for the bank holidays because i worked my 20 hrsThey have to pay you one fifth of your normal weekly pay for each one of the 3 public holidays – even if you didn’t work those days.Hi I previoulsy started working as a Secretary for a bus company maybe doing 10 to 12 hours a week. Hi, please tell me what are the options for Sunday hours, my boss will include the agreement between us in my contract and I want to know the best legal option to choose for me, also is that a thing in low that somebody can agree to work for minimum wage Sunday?

My partner works on the buildings. My normal hours are Monday to Friday 10 to 6 .In that case you would be entitled to pay for the 5 hours you worked plus one of the following: Hi I’m a barber and I work full time .tuesday _Saturday. What can we doUnder legislation employers must pay public holidays as per the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997. In that case you could average out the 3 weeks and then it would be 1/5. I don’t ever have to work the bank holiday but if I’m using carers leave to cover it should I not have to work the 8 hours on a different day ? However my colleagues think we are still owed a day annual leave as my bosses enforce the holidays in chunks of weeks with one day not available to count as leave. I was told I am not entitled to any sort of bank holiday pay. If you have worked more than 40 hours in the 5 weeks leading up to the public holiday, you may be entitled to pay for the public holiday. However they are only obliged to do so when the employees qualifies. Your employer, subject to contractual and legal agreements, is entitled to roster you as per business requirements.

He did not receive any payment for Easter Monday or May Bank holiday. I would suggest you contact Citizen’s Information with more detail before proceeding any further.Hello I work 5 days a week about 34 hours per week. Your entitlement is to 1/5 of your weekly payment. ? If I’m using a days carers leave to cover it should I not be entitled to same entitlement as if I was working it.

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