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battlecat rollin 60s

This ain’t about you anonymous but it can be. !fuCC you anonymous,and I Can and I am allowed by myself to say Watt ever I want to say on the internet you false flagging flag droppin dKiru mutt (NIGGEr!!!!!! ” you had me waiting and it pissed me off”… Buuuuuullshit dude just shut up bro the only meeting you got is with you’re fucking youporn account to watch a girl fuck herself with a summer sausage you nasty fuck. supremaCist peCCer woods)I saw Stanley Williams name on the blog I must say a shout to Stanley Williams, I didn’t even know this guy and he saved my ass. Your man got killed by a dude just like DEWAYNE!! LOLfuCC you “roCCo”, and I disrespected you and exposed you foe the str8 up huge liar that you are on the bKlaCC bandit CripK website.FuCC you and your mama you (Honkey!!!!!! I agree that you do know more about Los Angeles than the Muslim Nigger. And I’m proud to say i got here ON MY OWN!! You are a Dumb SCARED Honkey. Listen Nigger, you agreed with me on all that nonsense with HaHa. I often wonder was it because I was lighter than my siblings or because my hair was straighter than my two siblings, what? You cant even spell “Rocco” correctly or the word “with” correctly. Big. Fake ass crip wannabe! Need. Who would habe thought it would be a gang site where you could bash a decease person or someone’s loved one that had been killed. Well I would give you my information, but the same for me (loll!!) BEFORE I “OUTED YOU”, YOUR MONIKER WAS “BLUE MUSTANG”, REMEMBER?????????????? ?.And another reason why the alias Lil beef suits is your a punk ass bitCh who noCody takes seriously when you get angry their like why C sCared of that little guy he’s only a lil beef you (wet baCC,mexiCan’t/mexiCunt,taCo eating spiC.fuCC you kilo,and fuCC the 6 hoes,fuCC the g strings also,fuCC the strollin snitChes,fuCC trampKs,fuCC fonies,fuCC rKollerK sKaKtesK,fuCC all nKaKpKpKs,fKuCC all nKaKpKpKy hKeaKdKsK,and stop trying to C like those folk/gd or generally dumb (NIGGErS!!!!!!) Don. Remember???? ass Claims that your a l’il non ranking trKee topK pKiru fake 5 point star banging low ranking pup Cut you want to talk and sound like a illerate,uneduCated damu.FKuCC you you grandma boy pKiru or gmbp foe short.And I guess that you were trying to pretend to C my message when you tried to aCt like I still live wit’ my Father and Mother I moved out of my parents house on April 1,2016 you super sCrub and I am going to move into a $350,000 dollar house next month and that might not C muCh Compared to my parents $800,000 dollar house whiCh I will one day inherit Cut the $350,000 dollar house I am going to move into next month is better than anything that you got and it’s a lot better than Watt a lot of people got bKlaCC or hONKEY Colored people and most people don’t live in a house,and neither do you I’m sure there are millions of people who live in apartments matter of faCt do you even know any people who live in a house I’m sure you don’t in your small CirCle of friends and family members,fuCC you and your westside trKee topK pKiru pink flag wearing sissy gang.I will peter roll y’@ll,just like most CripKs roll a blunt,and I say most CripKs CeCause I don’t smoke weed Cut that’s all together another story you rKoosterK ass (NIGGEr!!!!!!)

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