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bbc rate card 2019

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"The Apple Card, launched in August, is Goldman's first credit card. "There have been a lot of strides taken in the last five to six years to improve the explainability of decisions taken based on machine learning techniques," commented Jonathan Williams of Mk2 Consulting. These are external links and will open in a new window

BBC Scotland Freelance/Casual Rates 2019.

Page 2 LDB (728x90) MPU (300x250) HP (300x600) Billboard … 0000003490 00000 n Find out more about the work the branch does at their website. These ratecards cover film and TV drama and Factual and Outside Broadcast. Debit cards were the most frequently used method of payment, accounting for 15 billion payments.

In 2017, debit card use - driven by contactless payments - overtook the number of payments made in cash in the UK for the first time.

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The report forecast that half of all payments would be made by debit card by 2024. 0000015180 00000 n Go to the Contacts … Continued "On Saturday, the investment bank told Bloomberg: "Our credit decisions are based on a customer's creditworthiness and not on factors like gender, race, age, sexual orientation or any other basis prohibited by law. 0000029303 00000 n

Even so, the suspicion is that unintentional bias has crept into the system.That could be because when the algorithms involved were developed, they were trained on a data set in which women indeed posed a greater financial risk than the men.

RATES: A: Network television BBC and national TV category: see glossary! The Wall Street investment bank has been offering more products to consumers, including personal loans and savings accounts through its Marcus online bank.The iPhone maker markets Apple Card on its website as a "new kind of credit card, created by Apple, not a bank".Without access to the Goldman Sachs computers, it's impossible to be certain of what is going on.

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