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before you call the cops video

How did we as a nation go from the intelligent, classy President Obama and his lovely family, to the despicable tRump crime family? DU Home » Latest Threads » Forums & Groups » Main » General Discussion (Forum) » Before You Call the Cops Thu May 28, 2020, 09:24 AM demmiblue (26,242 posts)

Everyone should watch this.

Keep happy because I stand by you every step of the Way.There are millions like him, of every color and creed.

They couldn't be outdone by the black guy. And I just happened to have created a piece of content that is a part of that conversation.”In the wake of the recent ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests, Tyler’s ‘Before You Call the Cops’ PSA has found a second life, reaching outlets that it didn’t even achieve during its initial run.Within the last week alone, ’Before You Call the Cops’ has been featured on Access Hollywood and Jimmy Kimmel Live!NBA superstar, Lebron James himself even retweeted the video after seeing it aired last Friday on Kimmel. In his Twitter post, the three-time champion admittedly was brought to ‘tears.’Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings.Tyler Merritt's BLM video, ‘Before You Call the Cops’ is over two years yet it’s even more relevant today.Credit: Nashville-based actor, Tyler Merritt attending a goat-yoga class. DU Home » Latest Threads » Forums & Groups » Main » Video & Multimedia (Forum) » Before you call the cops ... Fri May 29, 2020, 08:00 AM marble falls (31,933 posts) I will never FORGET AND I WILL RESIST WITH EVERY BONE IN MY BODY. It's basic math that anything times 0 is still 0. He is a dyed in the wool racist, who has made it perfectly acceptable to let others like him come out and spew their unwarranted hatred. The only thing he said that I would disagree with is the part about not hating the president. President Obama is and always will be TWICE the man tRump is. God Bless you.

Beautiful and moving, and very powerful.Divisiveness, racism and bigotry is the very core of their political the responses here and came away with a renewed feeling of hope for our country. I wish you peace and love. I despise tRump with every fiber of my being. I consider him to be the best president in my lifetime of over 6 decades. The family cemetery is filled with piles of dirt from those family members who fought to preserve this nation rolling over in their graves. Tyler Merritt, the creator of the viral video Before you call., spoke with Narcity on his thoughts about the piece reaching so many during the nationwide demonstrations.

We are all in this together. "We happen to be falling in a period where people want to scream out loud, right now, and so everybody's screaming. A family with no qualities whatsoever. MF45 is not a man except in the physical sense. I can't abide lying and this guy does nothing but lie and commit evil acts.

Thank you for visiting.My heart hurts that anyone could not understand your pain. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself before calling the police in order to avoid endangering members of your communities who are vulnerable to … © 2020 WXIA-TV. tRump is a year or two younger than I am, and as early as the 1970s I was aware of the activities of Fred and Donald tRump, their racism, their mob connections, KKK membership, and their misuse of their wealth to name a few bad acts. © 2001 - 2020 Democratic Underground, LLC. He can get around the actions of Dolt45's despicable actions and not hate the man. All Rights Reserved. What the HELL is wrong with people who would vote for any republican?I HATE this president, too. ATLANTA — Tyler Merritt is a son of the South. I hope everyone can hears your words. What he had done to this country that my father, grandfather, uncles, nephews, and cousins defended during WWI, WW2, the Korean War, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq is pure and simple treason. President Obama is way more than anything times 0. I hope this hate stops and pray for you and yours everyday. The 2018 video is once again trending and even aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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