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bernie rally at umich

We are going to lead the world and talk to the people in China and Russia, India and Pakistan ourselves, countries all over the world, and make the case that maybe instead of spending $1.8 trillion a year on weapons of destruction, killing each other, (we should) fight our common enemy, which is climate change.”Speaking directly to the students and teachers in the audience, Sanders discussed how Sanders also emphasized the value of good public K-12 education. From ending climate change to taking down "the one percent," Sanders spoke about his plans and how they separate him from the pack.

We ascribe to the platform and positions of the He also spoke about his support for the civil rights movement, referencing a protest in which he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. Sanders discussed immigration, and his plans to create legislation resulting in a total reform. Sort by.

In December 2016, the organizers--former Bernie staffers and grassroots organizers--aligned the group with Our Revolution.

"We're going to end cash bail in America. March 8, 2020 We are gonna win this election.” Sanders concluded his speech with a call for civic participation among his supporters.“Tell your friends that you’re tired of them complaining about high tuition, student debt, lack of health care and low wages and unaffordable housing,” Sanders said.

It’s a choice between ideals and electability … I’m not exactly sure what the right answer is.”Anticipating some undecided voters’ hesitations, Sanders framed his campaign as a grassroots movement by the people, for the people. Our Revolution Michigan grew out of Southeast Michigan for Bernie, which organized statewide to elect Bernie in 2016. Sanders also said he was dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community, saying he supported the community 25 years ago when it was considered a "political risk," voting against the Defense of Marriage Act, a bill that allowed states to be able to deny recognition of same-sex marriages that may have been conducted in other states.He said Biden's record was inconsistent in regard to the community, voting both for and against the expansion of their rights. Sanders endorsed El-Sayed during his campaign for Michigan governor, who said his previous conversation with Sanders increased his confidence in grassroots movements.“When I ran, I was lucky enough to get Bernie’s endorsement. And that’s what I hope all of your lives will be about.”“Yes, we will pass legislation based on the principles of the Green New Deal,” Sanders said. Sunday, March 8, 2020 - 8:12pm . Sanders referenced the thousands of people currently in jail for recreational marijuana usage, and said that he plans to legalize recreational marijuana usage nationwide by executive order. "Not more jails, not more incarceration." "I don't have a PhD in math, but this I do know: at the end of the day, 99% is a hell of a bigger than one percent.

He was yelled at, he was hit, but he said this is our opportunity to bring millions of working people into our political process and transform who America can work for.” Following Ocasio-Cortez’s introduction, Sanders walked on stage as John Lennon’s “Power to the People” played in the background. Former vice president Joe Biden is hosting two events before the election – one in Prior to Super Tuesday, Sanders was leading in delegates.

"Together we will invest, and help people get jobs and education," Sanders said.

“He didn’t ask me what I stood for.

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