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Their common explanation was that the arrogance of success ...

As Sanders’s second bid for the presidency falls short — once again against an elderly Washington figure who served in the Obama administration — you will hear a lot of arguments that “Bernie Sanders failed” and a lot of counterarguments that “even though he didn’t win, Bernie Sanders transformed the Democratic Party.” Sanders illuminated both the powers and limits of socialism in the internal debates among Democrats.Sure, socialism carries much less of a stigma in Democratic politics than it did a decade ago.

After today, this annus horribilis has just five more months. In Iowa, two-thirds of the staff was sent home, even as the campaign raised a historic $25 million in January and $46 million in February. We owe a transparent assessment of this campaign’s failures to our supporters, volunteers, and to that future we hope to build.None of us was under the impression that fundamentally changing the American political system was going to be an easy feat. Perhaps a more relevant truth is that those who start life in challenging circumstances have far less room for error.

A core tenet of Bernie Sanders’s theory of change is the need to expand the electorate.There are few examples more illustrative of this philosophy than the Spanish-speaking caucuses in Iowa, where no other candidate reached the viability threshold. In Massachusetts, Biden won white non–college graduates, 42–34. He wants you to talk about the payday loans you took out to keep your kid in school. Tamerlan was killed in a ... After today, this annus horribilis has just five more months. Instead, field staff were thrown just weeks before the election into states with no prior organization and completely disjointed volunteer efforts.Because the campaign pursued a model of distributed organizing, we went on to sacrifice states like Texas, Maine, and Washington, which we could have won with a deep organizing program.

President Trump outdid himself this morning with a tweet floating the idea of delaying the election.

We all witnessed our fellow organizers, volunteers, and ourselves commit everything to further this cause.If we are going to build a future characterized by economic, racial, and environmental justice, we have to take what we accomplished during this campaign further.
Literatur: Books; Author; Business: Online Shop; Journalism ; Bernie Sanders. This ratio was more or less mirrored in the subsequent races in New Hampshire and Nevada. Regardless of the contingencies, however, there is no question the campaign was not prepared for the unprecedented attack on our movement that everyone should have been ready for.It is difficult to say whether anything could have saved the campaign’s precipitous decline post–Super Tuesday. By replacing organizers with volunteers, but expecting the same time commitment and level of training from volunteers that would have been expected of paid staff, campaign management effectively stymied the field program that delivered its victories.The fact that campaign leadership maintained a strategy of minimal field staff in Super Tuesday states sheds light on another major shortcoming of management: they were ultimately unwilling to learn from their mistakes, even when hundreds of organizers implored them to reconsider.The staff union estimated over two-thirds of Iowa staff as having been laid off and sent home.

He has been driving around the country to the sites of riots and protests. It was proven by the workers at a pork processing plant who all caucused for Bernie in the first contest of the day. Many staff were shocked by what they saw as a poor strategic choice.This decision-making seemed to be one of a campaign winding down rather than one at its zenith. A federal appeals court has overturned the death sentence for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. We did. Some people do fall down the economic ladder or fail to rise because of factors they can’t control.

We won't be hearing any kumbayas at the Democratic National Convention this year. There is no doubt that Bernie Sanders’s campaign for president inspired an unprecedented grassroots movement in this country.

The promise of a change in business as usual — as well as Sanders’s candor and willingness to insist over and over on the things each person fundamentally deserves — for many felt like a sea change in political discourse at a fundamental level.His supporters and volunteers made no mistake about the uphill battle ahead.

The movement is not over with the suspension of Bernie’s candidacy — it has given us the tools we need to begin to build that movement.Mia Arievitch is a political and labor organizer, formerly on field staff for Bernie 2020. The administrative state has grown explosively in America over the past century, almost entirely without roots in our Constitution. We built a multiracial, multigenerational campaign of working people united under a common struggle for human dignity.

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