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bernie sanders constituency

Besides California, no Super Tuesday state had more than ten field staffers.The fact that campaign leadership maintained a strategy of minimal field staff in Super Tuesday states sheds light on another major shortcoming of management: they were ultimately unwilling to learn from their mistakes, even when hundreds of organizers implored them to reconsider.Ben Mora is a former regional field director for the Bernie Sanders campaign. “This campaign is sending a message to corporate America: you cannot have it all!” he said.So here is another true Sanders insight. And another candidate voted for disastrous trade agreements.

We owe a transparent assessment of this campaign’s failures to our supporters, volunteers, and to that future we hope to build.Unlike typical political campaigns, a working-class movement will only succeed if it out-organizes the opposition. This strategy drastically underestimated the combined influence of corporate media and power brokers within the Democratic establishment to undercut our campaign.It is difficult to say whether anything could have saved the campaign’s precipitous decline post–Super Tuesday.

The spirit of this campaign was structurally laid out in victories like the Las Vegas Strip workers in Nevada, which required the deep organizing and connections only possible with staff and dedicated volunteers on the ground. Sanders’s moral certitude may blind him to wrongdoing on his side, but he has never urged his people to take anyone out on a stretcher, the way Trump did at a 2016 campaign rally.The promise of millions of first-time left-wing voters looks to be even more of a fantasy than ever after Super Tuesday’s results. At the national level, the first step (beat the Democratic moderates) leads almost ineluctably to a painful second step (lose to conservative Republicans). That the campaign leadership failed to implement more democratic structures of accountability and feedback was a disservice to this base and to Sanders’s mission. He also took Clinton to task for supporting free-trade agreements, which he said had cost America many well-paying jobs; for consorting with Henry Kissinger; and for having a super PAC that has raised tens of millions of dollars from special interests. The linkage between price inflation in health care and price inflation at colleges is strong. A core tenet of Bernie Sanders’s … Instead, field staff were thrown just weeks before the election into states with no prior organization and completely disjointed volunteer efforts.There are few examples more illustrative of this philosophy than the Spanish-speaking caucuses in Iowa, where no other candidate reached the viability threshold. For a distributed dependent program to work, the campaign would have needed to put staff in states months before their election to help build a grassroots, volunteer-led structure. "Bernie Sanders is used as a proxy for poor and working people in the United States," he said. One of us has spent his entire life fighting against cuts in Social Security and wanting to expand Social Security. It’s doubtful those young Latino men are the online hecklers. When he announced his run for the Democratic nomination in April 2015, Sanders trailed Hillary Clinton in … Any such analysis is relying heavily on speculation.

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