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best gun in arsenal

The RPG is probably the best type of trash. PERHAPS ROLVE SAW MY WEAPON IDEAS? The Laser Rifle is a descent rifle. The accuracy is also great too. Still a great weapon though. I'm pretty sure all of you can agree that this weapon is arguably the worst rifle in the game.

It's like a normal pump action shotgun, however, it's mag fed, meaning that instead of reloading by inserting 1 she'll at the time, you can just rapidly reload with a mag of a bunch of shells. Now that this steroids is added, I don't think a weapon can ever outclass this weapon any time soon. It's ridiculous how a shotgun that can't even insta-kill can outpreform this insta-killing joke. This used to be my favorite until the hit registration problems became so prevelant, and almost killed the main advantage with this weapon. No, of course not, this weapon is still garbage. It used to be the P250, it used to be the Firework Launcher, but now we have a weapon that's so bad, that no other weapon would take its place. I have nothing to say about this weapon, it is not special whatsoever, and I don't even want to speak of it. The only pro with this weapon is really just the firerate and that it's an explosive weapon, which is why it's higher place than the previous weapons. I also forgot to mention that this rifle can give your opponent a bunch of critical hits, but is somehow not enough to kill them. Although this sounds bad, at least it still doesn't have the feature where it knocks back the enemy, making it extremely hard to actually kill them. The DBS is basically a double barrel that fires 1 special shotgun pellet called a slug round, which is able to insta kill, and has 0 spread along with an attached iron sight.

It has descent damage, good-ish accuracy, and that lovely drum magazine. You crouch, aim at an AFK player's head, extremely upclose. Smith & Wesson is no exception, producing its own Still, it's a very reliable weapon (almost... -_-). But even though it can't insta-kill, that doesn't stop it from being an okay weapon. The Baseball Launcher can deal devastating blows, as it can kill a person in just 1-3 hits, however, it's low velocity baseballs, limited range, slow reload, and a relatively sluggish firerate makes this weapon land this spot.

It's like the STEN and the MP5K had a baby.

It used to be the very bottom of this list, but now, its place has been taken. It's one of those guns that little damage, but has an extremely fast firerate to make up for it). The MAC-10 is basically an Uzi but with faster firerate and a cool strap, which makes it have less recoil.

It's that terrible. Reloaders take note: the cartridges use Berdan primers, so you’re not going to reload the brass. The Peacemaker is an obliterator held on a hand. The FN FAL is an extremely powerful weapon that wins over the AK. I'm still mad on how they don't make the SPAS-12 unable to insta-kill, but yet, THEY MADE ANOTHER FULLY AUTO SHOTGUN WITH MORE ROUNDS, FASTER FIRERATE, AND LESS RECOIL TO INSTA-KILL! Sometimes, it can do its job as a sniper. Besides the weight, the Rocket Launcher's travel Speed is slow, and explosions in Arsenal feel broken.

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