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All i can remember is the characters running and jumping off a platform, limbs stretched out, in order to get into their robot suits.

What the fuck though, I don't really like Code Geass. It manages… :)The King of Braves: GaoGaiGar, Getter Robo, Kotetsushin Jeeg, The Five Star Stories or Mazinkaiser isn't here. I "hit a wall" as to what is the next Mecha Anime I should watch.Try watching Broken Blade it has a really great story to it!You're not serious when put full metal panic, 00 and seed in that list are you? After binging, let me know what you think in the comment section below!No HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. They're usually controlled by an internal pilot or by remote, but are sometimes sentient beings that move autonomously. So yeah, a MATURE SERIES.Vision of Escaflowne was pretty good and maybe it was one of the best Mecha Anime "during it's time", but it's year 2012 now.First of all yea it's based on my opinion and it's even written in the first paragraph so it's normal you have a different list of top 10 Mecha Animes and to me it looks like you are just Gundam fan-boy. People who don't agree are only little kids.Yo, I was wondering if those anime can be watched in 2019, since this is a list of anime you can watch in 2018, am I also allowed to watch them in the years to come or could I get into some sort of trouble from watching them while not being in 2018?????? Complete list of mecha anime, and watch online. Code Geass. Mecha are self-propelling machines that are modeled after humans; some can change into multiple, non-humanoid formats as well.

It wasn't bad.

They don't look as accessible as SAO, Fairy Tail, or DBZ. If so, you'll love every one of these titles! The fact that unicorn is in the top list, which is practically under UC series. The story and characters are fine, not the best, but original. While mecha have a wide range of applications, such as making manual labor easier, they are most commonly portrayed as heavily-armed war machines. It's pretty good, and filled with badass characters.

Anyway, you should've added Cross Ange. But that is exactly what The characters are the best thing about this anime, as they are all developed and interesting. With that said it is a travesty that you left the best Gundam series off the list. Despite it's flaws, it continues the themes from the series and brings the Plan to it's conclusion.Hey, i'm looking for a mecha anime, not sure if it was Japanese or American, that aired in the early 90's.

Try watching knights of sidonia and Ginga kikotai magestic prince.The only one i can agree with is Code Geass but at number 1. The romance wasn't half-bad either, though it's not something that drew me in.The ending was pretty well-done. I've been looking for some really good Mecha anime to watch and you've provided me with a good amount. The Gundam I like the most is the X102 Duel Gundam, but I know most people probably loved the Strike Freedom.The OP and ED of this show are just super awesome and convey the mood and emotions perfectly. I know it's EXTREMELY popular amongst millenial fans, but the first few episodes were just classic anime comedy.
In the end, they missed a real world-building opportunity. Some mecha anime features robots that are almost like superheroes (this sub-genre is known as the "super robot") and some feature robots that are piloted by, and therefore of secondary importance to, humans (a sub-genre known as a "real robot").Everyone should check out this countdown, even if you aren't a big fan of mecha. 08 MS Team is flawless. And it didn't have much action at the start. :)Blue Gender was a great mecha anime too, with a seriously good plot (personally i rate it 10/10, i rarely do that, not because it was original, but because it was really well and smart put together), great characters, great character development, maybe it was too mature for the audience so that's why it's so underrated, you guys should definitely check it out.

?Mobile suit Gundam Thunderbolt should be an honorable mentionplz everyone watch Darling In The Franxx anime it is the best love anime ever I loved it a lotDo not watch the AMV for Gurren Lagann if you plan on watching the anime. You have made me a happy, happy girl.Well Eureka seven was good too, but these are just better :) if it was top 15 it would be there so maybe the sequel of eureka (Eureka Seven Ao) will do better.Copyright © 2020 HubPages Inc. and respective owners.

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