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The pair lack anything like the requisite climbing experience, but undergo a brief training period in Wales before travelling to the unforgiving peaks of Asia, with the aim of conquering the 5,800-metre Mir Samir. This poll is also a great resource for new fans of Paul Theroux who want to know which novels they should start reading first. Half of the time in Africa, Naipaul was so rude and provocative that I thought somebody was going to hit him. It’s a very insufficient form, unlike the novel which is a fairly specific thing. A lot of explorers were like that – [David] Livingstone for example. Trollope’s is a sort of sideline – he writes about these places while doing a job. Mark Twain is always taught as the man who wrote He set out in 1894 because he found himself practically bankrupt in America.He was bankrupt because he made a bad investment. A novelist should be a good traveller. Who wants to hear about how difficult it is to get a visa, or about your tummy upset? But knowing the writer, and having both the book and the person to compare it against, is different.No, of course not. You don’t really understand your family until you’re 50 or 60 years old, when you finally figure them out. Because the last thing that you want to be is a bore. Dogged in pursuit of an adventure, he’s pedalled the former Iron Curtain on an East German shopping bike, walked the Camino de Santiago with a donkey and, most recently, crossed the USA in a breakdown-prone Model T Ford. It made me want to go there…” So run the opening words of Paul Theroux’s 2002 classic, Monisha Rajesh has form when it comes to rail travel. Cherry-Garrard’s trip is an ordeal, an exploration. It’s as though we are creeping along the ledge of a building. Paul Edward Theroux (born April 10, 1941) is an American travel writer and novelist, whose best-known work is The Great Railway Bazaar (1975). All rights reserved. He describes his marriage as a digression – his real life was in Malawi, when he was alone. It's impossible to choose the "best" Paul Theroux travel book. He knows how to write about landscape. But it didn’t, he lost almost all of his money and went on this lecture tour.I like the humour in the book, and the roominess. You go to a place, and then they say you can’t go. And that was helpful to me – like all of these books it taught me something. Did you notice the common denominator in my book choices? I found it hard talking to people in Angola about Angola, because it was like living in a smoke-filled room. Bruce Chatwin said that A lot of people are angry at Chatwin for that, because it feels like a betrayal.Well, Chatwin was very exuberant about the fact that he was making this up. If people go hiking with their wife in the Alps, that is not the same thing as going alone. He got sad and stayed in his tent for long periods. I have known him very well over the years, as you might know from my book But the book is wonderful.

Your life is on the line. And the travel writer who is also a fiction writer knows how to choose what matters in the journey. The good travel writer is selective. In a way, you know what he is leaving out. The travel book can even be like a novel. When I wrote my book What stuck with me about the book was a sense of very deep understanding of the place, born both from him being an outsider, with that freshness of perspective, but also from his having been there for an extended period of time. The Best Travel Books recommended by Paul Theroux Travel is a leap in the dark, says Paul Theroux and one that will leave you a different person at the other end. In the end, he just wanted to write his own kind of book, and I don’t think that is a betrayal. He’s funny. The traveller is an ancient figure – a stand-in for mankind – finding his or her way. I don’t think he particularly liked the kind of books that I wrote, and I felt that the books he wrote were an expression of his own forms of concealment – but even in concealment there is a truth. So I get the impression that people who read my books don’t intend to take that trip themselves. It’s also a book which I discovered myself. The Scott expedition was not as focused. Ideally, in a travel book the traveller is alone.And what does a journey itself bring to the surface in the traveller?It brings the unknown. When I was in Angola, a lot of people who lived there couldn’t bear to look at it because it was so difficult, dysfunctional and improvisational.

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