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betterment legal definition

An improvement over what has been the case: financial betterment. betterment (ˈbɛtəmənt) n 1. a change for the better; improvement 2. betterment definition: The definition of betterment is a more favorable condition. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.She is patroness of half a dozen great charitable schemes, she writes very clever articles in the Reviews on the D'Addosio relates from the court records many trials of pigs, bulls, horses, cocks, dogs, goats, etc., greatly, it is believed, to the But the Government clears a net profit of three million dollars a year from its telephone monopoly; and until 1910, when a committee of Thus we are es-tablishing a trade between kingdoms, the profits from which go to the Like all the other Victorians he dwells on the importance of individual devotion to the service of others, but he believes that the chief results of such effort must be in the development of the individual's character, not greatly in the actual On this occasion, Murad Raas appreciated the Deputy Commissioner for taking practical steps for the Summary: New Delhi [India], July 29 (ANI): Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday paid tributes to deceased Congress leader Jaipal Reddy and recalled his contribution towards the Islamabad -- Spokesperson Prime Minister Imran Khan, Nadeem Afzal Chan has said that judicial reforms are inevitable in order to bring He said both Oyo State governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde and the new speaker are young which is good for the
Betterment definition is - a making or becoming better. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free!Learn a new word every day. working for the Much like her late father, Mandela spent her life actively advocating for the Her peer group was and remains a group of world-class players that have used their platform for the This was worth risking my safety because someone has to risk their life for the He was honored by the state with the Circle of Corydon award, which is given to exemplary citizens who have made remarkable contributions for the The officials’ only focus is food security and the After all, our great country was born out of the desire to be free and the desire for freedom has repeatedly led to making positive change for the But there’s a creeping pointlessness to it, and a creeping smallness: the privately pulsing heart, the tiny agenda of

Verm. It signifies such improvements as have been made to the estate which render it better than mere repairs. 110; 10 Shepl. 192; 13 Ohio, R. 308; 10 Yerg. BETTERMENTS. See more. Law An improvement beyond normal upkeep and repair that adds to the value of real property. ‘The betterment parts that were the obverse of them have been cut out and it is difficult to say that there are not some cases where one person will be dealt with less fairly than another.’ ‘It was another aspect of the Government's decentralisation programme that was working for the betterment of local areas.’ See 2 Fairf. The legal definition of Betterment is An improvement put upon a property which enhances its value more than mere replacement, maintenance, or repairs.

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