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And when, in a major crisis marking the so-called Age of Jackson, South Carolina politicians claimed their right to nullify federal laws they didn’t like and even threatened secession over it, President Jackson looked to the old chief justice, of all people, for support as Old Hickory stood tall for the United States, the Constitution and the rule of law, including an independent judiciary. I think there’s one thing that can be clear with President Trump, whether you like him or don’t like him: He said certain things and he’s done what he said. “I’ve seen that interaction. Reverse Phone … Bill Whitaker. This legislation arose when Republicans controlled the lower chamber.“If we could get people in Congress to forget what letter is behind their name, D or R, and focus on what needs to be addressed, then we could move forward,” Flores told me Saturday. The Republican National Committee Monday backed comments by President Trump that were critical of retired Navy Admiral William McRaven, best known for … Where people are registered to vote. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has allowed the government to continue to send asylum-seekers to Mexico while an appeal over its legitimacy is considered. For those too young to remember, invoking a "long, hot summer" was a favorite pastime of the establishment press and so-called "civil rights leaders" after the race riots of the 1960s (example here). And we as Republicans wouldn’t throw up enough votes to get it done because some of our party thought it wasn’t good enough. 5 Profile Searches Follow.

You must be a full digital subscriber to read this article. I agree both parties do it, 100 percent. As aerospace engineer George Hindman, 58, also constitutionally conversant, told me when I asked if Trump had benefited the Republican Party: “I think he has made it better because, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on, and I’ve heard this from voters, both Democratic and Republican, they want candidates who do what they say.

Now such talk often rings hollow. Not in the Framers’ plans: The notion that one branch would cede more and more of its authority to another in a slow-motion display of indecision, infighting and frustration. On Thursday's CBS This Morning, co-host Charlie Rose described how most of California was suffering from "extreme or exceptional drought" but fretted that "the crisis is turning into a political football." And now that Democrats are in charge of the House, almost every single vote is political.”To their credit, some local Republican candidates seem cognizant of the broader problem. Yet given the battered and bruised constitutional prerogatives outlined in Article I, the greater question now is whether they’re fully ready for the unique rigors of congressional duty in Trumpian times.Get opinion pieces, letters and editorials sent directly to your inbox weekly!Opinion editor since 2009, Bill Whitaker brings substantial original reporting to editorials and in-depth columns.

CBS This Morning suddenly discontinued identifying San Diego Mayor Bob Filner as a Democrat on Tuesday, after including his political affiliation in two previous reports on the allegations of sexual harassment swirling around the politician. But, unlike the previous night's report on CBS 60 Minutes by correspondent Bill Whitaker, Duncan's piece did not mention…CBS: Fla., Wisc. CBS Evening News Touts Huntsman, the ‘Sane Republican’ with an The message: Get that federal money flowing to us, or there will be violence in the streets. Bill Whitaker did his best to depict former San Diego Mayor Maureen O'Connor as a tragic figure on Friday's CBS This Morning, but glossed over her Democratic affiliation.

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