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Its twentieth century doyen Sheth Ambalal Sarabhai, was a Sarabhai Enterprises branched out after India's independence and many pioneer ventures were made in fields dominated by foreign companies.

No. He is the son of dancer turned activist Mallika Sarabhai and publisher Bipin Shah; and grandson of the Indian physicist Vikram Sarabhai and dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai. Bharatnatyam is an Indian Dance form that praises different forms of Lord Shiva’s Roop Lord Nataraja.

Revanta Sarabhai belongs to one of the most prestigious families of India i.e.

A conversation I had with Express Parenting about how I lucky I am to have been brought up by Mallika Sarabhai and Bipin Shah Art is the most expressive form to depict the emotions that words can’t do.” Below are some details about him:

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For the Indian sitcom, see Major Institution Building Efforts of Vikram Sarabhai (1947-1971)Major Institution Building Efforts of Vikram Sarabhai (1947-1971)

They tied the knot after a live-in relationship for few years.

Parents Mallika Sarabhai Bipin Shah Married To Priyanka Raj Social: Biography. The couple was blessed with a son, Revanta, and a daughter, Anahita. “Revanta's Bharatanatyam is of the highest pedigree. A conversation I had with Express Parenting about how I lucky I am to have been brought up by Mallika Sarabhai and Bipin Shah On this episode, Indian classical dancer Revanta Sarabhai talks about growing up with dance all around him, how dance helps children, especially boys, express themselves, and why parents must encourage their kids to take up a dance-form. 31 was renamed as Vikram Earth Station after Dr. Sarabhai’s death in 1971. I draw great solace from these young classicists who are ever searching to keep these ancient art forms alive.”

In the year 1982, Mallika met Bipin Shah, a New York based publishing executive. No.18 & 19 were merged under the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre after Dr. Sarabhai’s death in 1971.

Reventa Sarabhai is one of the few most successful Male Bharatnatyam Dancers of India.

Revanta is the son of classical dancer & activist Mallika Sarabhai and Bipin Shah, and thus related to Sarabhai family. Bipin Shah is the co-founder of a publishing house This house, my dad’s bachelor adda, is now my party pad where friends drop in for dinners and nightouts - Revanta Sarabhai GALLERIES View more photos She is married to Madanmohan Mangaldas Girdhardas, noted industrialist Kamal Mangaldas (son of Leena Mangaldas), noted architect - Revanta Sarabhai is a classical dancer and actor.

He has also worked in movies like Mijjaj, Paghadi, and others.

Revanta Shah Sarabhai, son of Mallika Sarabhai and Bipin Shah; a dancer by profession, he chooses to be known by his mother's famous maiden name Leena Mangaldas (Ambalal's daughter), founder of Shreyas Foundation. the Sarabhai’s.

the Sarabhai’s. Reventa Sarabhai is one of the few most successful Male Bharatnatyam Dancers of India. Revanta has got these skills in his genes.

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